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New Z300 Member

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by New Zeed300, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. Hello all,

    Just returned from a 30 year break in Motorcycling. I have only had 2 bikes prior to my latest purchase a KLX250S and a little while ago a Honda XL250S.

    I commute every day into Brisbane CBD (20Km from home) . Love it and am really enjoying riding a Z300 roadbike after the KLX. Pretty happy with 3 Litres per 100 Km from it as well.

    My son got me back into riding with a little encouragement from my Wife, she used to ride a CB200 back in the old days.

    So if you see an old fart on a black Z300 say Gidday.

    Cheers Kev
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  2. Welcome Kev, we're all young bucks behind the visor.
  3. Welcome to NR
  4. Welcome mate, cool little bike too
  5. Welcome and bike twins!!! :)
  7. Went with the same colour as yours and its a great bike ( love mine to bits !! )
  8. Welcome to NR Kev...!
  9. Thanks guys
  10. Not another Z300............
  11. I've just started as an old fart on the same bike. Really enjoying it. Glad to hear you are too.
  12. Yeah geez.....there certainly are a few popping up. Doesn't surprise me though, great bikes.

    I'm a Brisbane rider too who commutes from Springfield everyday. If I see you I'll definitely be saying g'day.
  13. Damn you have a long commute - I'm based in Sydney.......
  14. Talking to the OP.
  15. welcome aboard Kev :]
  16. welcome and enjoy the riding :happy:
  17. Z300's Crew haha!