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New z1000!!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by zeker, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. Thar she blows!

    That's the new Z1000 and I have to say I love it, so mean looking. At first I though it had a massive head but it's growing on me, and the colours are top notch. If I can scrap up more money I wouldn't be sad to see this in my stable O:) Can't wait to see it in the flesh!

  2. This could be very good. New bigger engine and aluminium chassis.

    The mix of coulours is a bit busy, and the stock pipe and mirrors go without that needing saying, but the lines are really good.

    There looks to plenty of of room for a somewhat bigger screen, which could make it a surprisingly good sports-tourer for travelling on with that half-decent decent rear seat. An eccentric chain adjuster too in that photo.

    If the lights are worthy and it's gets a good fuel range it might just be the bike too many people have been wanting for a long time - one that does everything well, is exciting, looks decent and is a sensible price.

    It could quite possibly be a stellar all-rounder with plenty of poke and handling, something of an oxymoron in recent years.

    Maybe the return of the classic UJM in modern guise.

    Here's hoping. Kawasaki is the only one of the Big Four I haven't owned one of yet.
  3. Thanks God they've finaly going to get rid of those horrible, horrible pipes as in current models. I really liked 2003-style dual exhausts but current ones are just disgusting. Now Z1000 is in the list of potential candidates for an upgrade :)
  4. every year they put more more plastic shit on the thing [-X
  5. Street fighter bikes (even factory ones) are supposed to be stripped down to bare basics, that's got way too much plastic on it.

    With each release of the Z1000 they've moved it further away from the factory street fighter territory and towards the standard (if modern) naked bike category.

    Nothing really wrong with that I guess... but the first version had some attitude, this one is just another bike (even if it goes harder).
  6. Interesting, will be good to see it in the flesh though. The Streetfighter looked even more awesome :)
  7. How mean does it look! Nice one kawa.
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  9. I disagree. Personally I think the term factory street fighter is a bit of an oxymoron, and these sorts of bikes are nothing but wheelie machines :grin: Street Fighters are the choppers of the sport bike world, one off designs made from the old carcass of a dead sport bike, with a hint of lunacy to give them a heart beat, and you can never really expect that from factories, nothing beyond a naked bike with aggressive styling anyway. Besides, 134 BHP from 1 litre worth of engine and I immediately think of pretty insane torque figures \\:D/
  10. And what defines a chopper as well as a street fighter is being stripped down to the bare essentials.

    Without that minimalist approach instead what you get are cruisers or naked bikes, not choppers or street fighters.

    The Aprillia Tuono, the Ducati Monster, the Triumph Speed and Street triples are all examples of this (appropriate) approach as well as oddly the Harley Davidson XR1000.
  11. yep, "naked" seems to mean "really small screen" now..........

    At least there isn't a bit of plastic over a steel frame to make it look alloy anymore :LOL: .......

    the pipes are an improvement
  12. I don't see the harm in more plastic, some people like that shit, and you can easily throw it all away. Put the shit on ebay for someone who cares about such things, get some cash back. Gives you options.

    First thing I'd do is junk those panels to put normal indicators on it, and put a small enduro style light on it. $100 and an hours work, you can have it as naked as you like.
  13. I don't think what class of bike anyone defines it as will change what it's like to ride in the least.

    Hopefully when it gets tested, some astute journo will call it a naked one morning then take it for a ride. The next morning they'll call it a streetfighter before heading out. I'm guessing they will find the bike is still exactly the same to ride. Just a hunch.

    I do think that if the plastic which hides the large radiator necessary on these new-fangled water-cooled bikes, and which offers some wind protection as well as keeping the front planted at speed helps make the thing fast, comfy and fun while offering all the enjoyment of a naked from the rider's seat view, then it might just add up to a better bike. Let's just call it a Z1000 MKII then.

    And you can see a good portion of the motor as well as some of the header pipes. Quite unlike the Tuono, for example.

    Seriously - WTF is it with all this crap about what niche it should be labelled as?

    If it's fast, powerful and reasonably light with good handling and (radial) brakes, then that sounds pretty sporty to me. But if it's more comfortable with a ride position that gives better control than a crotch rocket it's maybe an all-rounder and a very good one. But maybe it's a bit lively for someone that wants an all-rounder (a tag which tends to be the kiss of death for many a bike).

    Who cares? Radial brakes, fully adjustable front end, eccentric chain adjuster, good frame and engine, powerful, comfortable, nimble, reasonably priced?

    If it's being done right, that all adds up to a seriously good bike.

    The prosecution should really wait until the evidence is gathered and presented.

  14. I guess by the time the new 2011 comes out they can just call it a zx14 :rofl:

    umm, ok i understand naked don't feel to flash hitting sweepers at 230ish km/hr at tracks but really how many times are you going to need the front wheel that well planted on the public road and claiming you need a mini fairing to keep the front wheel that well planted at the speed limit is just b/s no matter how you word it
  15. Wow that is one nice looking Z1000. I love the semi-faired look of it, the way the side ends and the motor fills in the gaps. I wish I could afford 2 bikes :(

    People who hate bodywork - you should see the amount on the outside of your car.
  16. Cars are shit too.

    Too much plastic for me but that comes off easy enough. I like the sound of more motor. I wish to wheelie this.
  17. Why they don't just take the plastic off a ZX-10 and throw on a set of Renthal bars, I don't understand.

    They've probably tuned in for mid range torque as well...
  18. I dunno Mark, tuning for midrange seems like a solid idea to me, I just don't think a lot of builders do it right. Superbike power curves and gearing are annoying on the road, you can't get at your horsepower without going well over freeway speeds. But ride something like the Bandit 1200 (the older one, and derestricted) and you'll find instant shunt from walking pace, they feel faster than a lot of the superbikes until you hit the horsepower sweet spot.

    A grunty engine can be a good thing - a neutered one, not so much.
  19. I love it. To me, it just looks perfect, looks like i'll be upgrading sooner than i thought - anyone interested in an 09 z750......
  20. Wow, massive improvements compared to last years model. Looks sweet!