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New YZF-R1

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by spottedninja, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. I am now the happy owner of a 2011 R1, I have not had the chance to ride it yet due to work but i am counting down the hours until 5pm. The clock seems to be going so slow. :cry:
    Pics are coming later.

  2. Lol - congrats!
  3. I am starting to feel a little sick, maybe go home ill. :p
  4. awww be careful if you're not feeling too well ;)
  5. Awesome man!! Fully sic bro!
  6. LOL. Congrats. Nasty when you get that little cough, isn't it? You'd hate to give it to all your fellow workers.
  7. Where are the pictures? We don't believe you 'till we see the pictures. You have been warned.
  8. pics or it didn't happen
  9. He hasn't come home yet ...
  10. Hope he's ok, probably still out riding but still.
  11. Where is he? Where is the pics? Did he have to stay back at work and haven't had a chance to go home? :]
  12. Went to get the paper, got lost somewhere around Grafton.
  13. i'm going to reinstall windows, my pictures aren't showing up properly..
  14. It's in mourning for Steve Jobs. Give it the Ubuntu patch.
  15. still no pics? where is he taking them? with a panoramic view of Ayers Rock??
  16. I think he went out looking for a nice corner.
  17. I think I just saw him on the Monash...

    Must be heading for Reefton....
  18. I couldn't find many corners but regardless "what a weapon". It is not out of control power it is 100% controllable. I am honestly blown away by the handling of it. I will be uploading pics tonight after I go for a ride.

  19. New pics. A nice addition to the stable i think.


  20. No, they're not out of control power. That would be useless, because you couldn't control it. There's just lots of power - which is nice. It won't bite you - unless you tell it to.