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New Years Resolutions

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. Okay folks . . what are yours ?

    Apart from the make more money, be good to others and self improvement ones . . .
    Mine at the moment are -

    1. Limit my lane spliting and hooligoon bike behaviour.
    2. Avoid wasting time on messed up and Australian Princess candidates ! :LOL:
    3. Limit procrastination and JUST DO IT !!

    . . . . geeeez, thats all i can think of at the moment.
  2. ride my bike every chance i get...
    list and achieve my ride goals for 2007...
    learn how to maintain my bike at home....
    think of something that isn't bike-related.....(well, maybe not)
  3. To get a late model litre bike. :biker:
  4. I'm up for this :)

    1. Do everything I can to secure the job I'm chasing in late January, and,

    2. If I get it...

    a. Buy a Mazda 6 hatchback

    b. Buy a new Yamaha FZ-6 bike

    There, how's that?
  5. Mine are much the same, Paul, except the job being mid-year, a Mazda SP23 and the bike being a tourer :cool:
  6. Fleur is my NYR :rofl:
  7. I'm going to get a centre stand for my bike, take her in for a 10,000km service, may be have the suspension guys do the forks and go to the next Ducati Turismo. :cool:
  8. Same as every year, be a good father and husband and the rest of the stuff will happen anyway. :grin:
  9. 1. not swing a single punch in anger (only training) for an entire year
    2. stop procrastinating and get myself into Tafe or Uni
    3. get my P's and do an advanced cornering course
  10. I'm still trying to achieve my resolutions for 2006, 2005, 2004 etc man I'm hopeless lol :oops: I'll get there by 2010 I reckon :wink:
  11. What were the resolutions?
  12. ... Well to start with, not to procrastinate :LOL: :LOL:.
  13. My one is to stay out of hospital for the year….something I have yet to do since I got a bike….. :shock:
  14. Usual shite....lose weight, stop smoking, eat healthy, find Mr. Right blah blah blah :oops:
  15. This is the year i quit smoking and upgrade.
    Address the imbalance between aggression and finesse.
    Let go of something destructive, complete something constructive.
    Renew my faith.
    Re-establish wayward life goals.
    Be victorious in my pursuit of excellence, no matter how fleeting, and spend some time celebrating it.

  16. 1024 x 768 !
  17. I know that I achieved my last New Years resolution- 'I am never going to drink so much at a staff Christmas party again!' This year I watched everyone else drink too much and gave advice-
    'Staff Christmas parties are like falling off a bike-
    You're smashed before you know it.
    Once you fall down it's really hard to get back up.
    It hurts for a long time afterwards.'
    My resolution this year is to relax a little more and enjoy life. Stop wasting time worrying. Also, I would love to learn to ride better- it is really hard to teach myself better skills, as I am never quite sure what I am doing right/ wrong. I would love to have someone following me that could give pointers after a ride. My last little bingle with the bitumen has really had a negative effect on my riding.
  18. hey bm, i'll be txting u to let u know when the next brisbane city council RAW ride is on - that'll give both of us a chance to get some feedback on our riding.....
  19. NYR for 2007... stop procrastinating and start travelling the world!!
  20. Its a shame you live in the wrong state of Australia.

    I would love to follow you and I would definately give you pointers after a ride :rofl: :rofl: