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New Years Eve - What are YOU doing?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grrrl, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. Still haven't thought of anything interesting yet affordable for this year, any ideas?

    It will obviously be the usual 'Eat Drink & Be Merry' kind of affair...

    What is everyone else doing?
  2. probably wishing i was somewhere/one else :(
  3. Sleeping....I'm driving down to bright at 9:30 the next morning for a week of fishing & drinking :( :)
  4. intending to stay as far away from possible from the city which has a tends to become a mecca for fcuk wits every NYE, our crew is heading to Mad Racket http://www.madracket.com.au

    not only is it within stumbling distance of our apartment (recovery at ours anyone?), it also has club drink prives all night as well as top quality tunes :twisted:
  5. I gotta work during the day, but then I'm off to a spa/pyjama party at a friends place.
  6. LOL Eswen, you need some chocolate huh?
  7. always :-|
  8. I'm off to the Murray for plenty of fishing :D , wakeboarding :D and drinking :D . Got the week off work too so from boxing day Ill have my arse parked on the couch watching the test match :D
  9. I am going away camping up at yarrawonga :p :wink:

    or maybe not
  10. Well there was a New Years Eve party thread a while back but it sdeems to have gone. I have been asked a few times if we are having a NYE party at HQ (like last year)
    How many would be interested?
    If there are a few people, I can hold a 2nd Netrider NYE party at HQ.
  11. We're going to a B&B called Bream Lodge by a lake out in Gippsland. It's pet friendly so our Puppy is coming too ! Just the 2 (3) of us to enjoy a quiet and lovely couple of nights away from the rat race and people. And we'll need it, we're staying for a week with my family up in Sydney from 23/12 :shock:
  12. Nothing as yet. How boring am I? :(
  13. ha thats funny. I got an invite to a friends family wakeboaring/boating/etc week at the murry. starts boxing day. but I probably wont go cos I suck.
  14. I’ve spent most NYE in dingy clubs in the CBD, it’s become tradition, I couldn’t go somewhere nice as it wouldn’t feel like I was welcoming in the new year properly.
  15. You can't be worse than some of the clowns I go with. One of my mates spent nearly an hour just trying to stand up. Used up most of a tank of juice and I got motion sickness from going around in circles to get the rope back to him :D

    Im not real good at it. I can jump the wake and attempt flips but landing is a different story..... :p Going head first into water at 30mph hurts.
  16. damn actually looked to see your location then as i thought you may of been referring to me then........ last year i spent 3 days trying to wake board, and at the end my mate told me to just go sit on the bank and watch as fuel wasn't unlimited :LOL: if i go up this year i will try again though
  17. When i first started I struggled big time as I had never skateboarded as a kid. I found putting the fins on the board helped heaps (my mates ride without fins).

    The only advise I can give would be to let the boat do the work. Just tuck yourself into a sortof fetal position with the board under water, angled up (try to get your feet nearly flat), have your arms around your knees holding the rope. Once the boat pulls you up and out of the water stand up. I know it is harder to put into practice but keep trying. Once you do it a couple of times you will be able to do it every time.

    Dock or dry starts are fun too :D Just stand on the bank or dock until the boat takes off. As the rope gets tight jump and turn the board into the riding position. You need a good driver to do this properly.
  18. Well i might see you if your up in Sydney then, as I'm gonna be in Sydney/ Wollongong about 28/12 - 2/1... And therefore this is also my contribution to the thread :p ...
    I will be up in NSW for those NSW people that wanna do coffee and stuff...
  19. Yeah, I did a search before i started this thread...

    Anyway, NYE@HQ might be a good idea!! :)
  20. I don't know about wakeboarding but I stood up first go when I went waterskiing... and then sank... I can manage the basics now. I prefered jetskiing, which I think is where the final push to the motorcycle began. I'd LOVE another jetski!