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new year model release for Yamaha XVS650

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by RodSyd, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. I havent been able to find any release dates for the new year model VStar. Originally I was looking at getting 2nd hand from a dealer but the prices for good 2nd hand ones are so close to new prices that it might be better to buy new with the longer warranty they come with. I found a thread that mentioned new year cycles start around September which got me thinking if I time it right I might get a new one runout for less than they are appearing now. I havent been able to find any info on the Yamaha motors website and salesmen seem deaf to this question so I thought I'd ask here if anyone had a rough idea when the 09 models are likely to be released.

  2. The dealer staff will deny existence until it appears - so they can maintain some margin on last years model. The manuf will also not release any details to them - like pricing - else they cant clear their exist stock either. So they are not trying to put one over you - they dont have the details.

    As long as there are only minor differences - you will always get a better deal on something that is on the floor. The dealer already owns it - so it owes him money.
    Just make sure compliance date is the current year (2008)- if it is 2007 - keep haggling - as he HAS to get rid of it!.
  3. As far as I know the 09 model is here. The classic is a silver/grey metallic and the custom is blue. If they are not the 09 model then it is a colour change for the 08.
  4. Yup that is my understanding. 09 models are here. I am looking to purchase a XVS650 in the next month, as its learner legal. The classic colour is silver and their also a white option (looks terrible IMO).

    08 model the XVS650 classic was black i think.
  5. thanks for that, I'll admit I'm a little naive when it comes to the details of the bike, as I'm not a lightweight guy and I wanted a LAMS cruiser I was kind of restricted to either the hyosung or yamaha 650 so I havent learnt as much about the Yamaha as I should of before settling on it as the bike. Now I'm trying to get the info to make a wise choice when I am checking out the Yamahas. The tip on compliance plates is handy, I'll keep an eye out for that. I am after a black one, but was leaning towards the custom look rather than the classic, I like the compromise the custom makes between the retro look of the classic and a more modern look without being as extreme as the hyosung. A month is my timeframe too ralph, I hope we will not be in competition for the same bike though if your at Acacia Gardens :) (the one in sydney i assume)
  6. They've been around for a bit, I've got one and had it for about a month now, i believe it was one of the first in melbourne. The pricing will be very similar, I had a quote which was as cheap as i could get them down to for an 08 model originally, then the 09 with the black rims came out and i had to have it, he did it for 200 more and i got it in 3 days :eek: Ah, and the custom is still in black too, as there is 2 colour schemes, blue/chrome, and black/matt black, you've really gotta like black!
  7. Completed the prelearner course Thursday, did the knowledge test Friday morning and had the bike on order by noon :) After sussing out the 2nd hand prices and availability I decided to pay the extra $$ and go for a new one, got a black custom XVS650 coming in 17 days..and counting.

    The dealer has offered me extra insurance for tyres and rims, for a oneoff ~$400 I am covered for 3 rim repair/replacements and 6 tyres, spread evenly over 3 years of coverage (ie 1 rim and 2 tyres per year maximum). What are peoples opinions on this insurance, is it good value or not? I have no idea how often these things get damaged on average. Normal tread wear is not covered but free plug service for minor punctures is included.
  8. Does this sales person know that they are tubed tyres? Very hard to put a plug in them.
    I personally would keep the $400 in my pocket. It would cost about $30-$50 to put a new tube in if you get a puncture (depending on the shop). I do not know what sort of rim damage he would be talking about. Paint scratch or dent? In all my years riding I have never dented a rim. I am sure others may of, but it would be a freak thing to happen, and I have run over a trailer tail gate on one of my bikes.
    Go to another Yamaha dealer and see what they can do for you as well seeing as there are plenty down there.
  9. I reckon if you have damaged the rims you would also have written of the bike, or done more damage and that would be covered by insurance. If it covers normal wear and tear on the tyres it would make it worth while otherwise a con job IMO.