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new yammy fz6r baby

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by nyteskye, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. hey all.. got my new yamaha fz6r about a week ago.. already done 370km.. love my new toy =D.. cant wait for the rain to stop in syd to ride again..
    planning to keep it forever hence the mods.. will derestrict once on my full license..
    hope you like..

    already ordered:
    sho gun no cut frame sliders
    red reflective wheel tape
    fender eliminator

    first day brought it home

    first cruise to bondi with mates

    two black beauties together
  2. Awesome looking bike, didn't know those were learner legal
    And nice Hilux, looks to have a lot of mods too. Good Stuff!
  3. Maybe not after the mods he listed ;)
  4. only getting the pipe to be heard .. not really interested in what power gains i get.. also the pcv and autotune is for the fuel so it doesnt run lean when the pipe is put on, wont be using performance maps until im on full license [=
  5. Just so you're clear on the rule, it says any performance-type mod to a LAMS bike renders it non-LAMS, regardless of any actual power gains (or losses, for that matter...).
  6. is Yamaha is Good
  7. I wanted to get it aswell when I got my Ls but ended up with Aprilia as I didnt have 10k, haha, I really liked everything in it,, its a bike u can keep for atleast couple of years.
    Congratulations again on ya purchase bro. I ride a Lorenzo replica aprilia rs 125, Shall see you on road sumtyme.
    Till then Njoy ya new queen.

  8. not completely correct, any modification to a bike which INCREASES its power to weight ratio renders it not lams legal.
    nice bike dude.
  9. OK I can't find the reference on the RTA website - I read it a couple of years ago...
    You might be right Kaptain K; I don't really care.
  10. actually sorry I was referring to victoria's rule, which is on the LAMs list.
  11. may i ask where abouts does it say that?

  12. That's whereabouts...
  13. all i can see.. is that it says has to be a power to weight ratio of less than 150kw per tonne and less than 660ml
    according to calculations its at 88kw per tonne?
  14. And regardless of anything I say nyteskye, you "should" be fine with that kind of thing...
    I was researching for interest's sake a few years ago, which is why I don't have a link; I didn't think I'd need to reference it again.
    My apologies, as you were...

    EDIT: Here's something from Queensland: http://www.motorcyclesafety.qld.gov...e_interactive_8_modifying_your_motorcycle.pdf

  15. Ahh okey doke thanks nitekreeper [=
  16. It's all good mate, I'm glad I found something as I was beginning to doubt my memory.
    Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying it should stop you ;)
  17. I would say over 60% of all LAM's bikes I see have some sort of modification, that if the rules were applied strictly, would make them no longer LAM's legal..

    Pretty sure that even a set of after market pipes would breach the rules, let alone a free flowing air filter or fuel adjustment mod..

    Not really something to worry to much about, unless there is something crazy on your bike the police won't pull you up on it, but they will do you for something like a fender eliminator, as that sort of thing is sooo dangerous & bad... :p