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New Yamaha YZF-250 R4

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Nooky, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Wow this 250 looks HAWT :shock:

    I have a 09 ninja 250R but this YZF-250 looks so much better. Not as cheap or built to a budget. It looks similar to the YZF-125, being the bigger brother but who buys a 125 anyways.

    There is no doubt that it will cost more. Look at the Dual Front Calipers and the Inverted Forks. The Graphics looks decent too with the short GP style exhaust. I wonder if it would be learner legal…I hope not. I wouldn’t mind a Hi-Po 250 for commuting and low running cost. I wonder how much power it has. 60hp would be nice :grin:




    NB: Is this bike real or just another fake photoshop?
  2. No idea, but if its an inline 4 cyl 250 it will likely be the best learner legal bike to buy (in terms of performance).
  3. Anyone have links to an official source, not from forums. .....
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    Your name is Nooky? This chick has been going MENTAL over you, please give her a call:

    I'm just looking through the 2009 yamaha press site, and there's nothing. It's the Euro site though, there might still be something in Japan.
  5. Some people on the cbr250 forums recon its just a single, which would be logical as yamaha makes one for their WR250. If they want to be able to sell it around the world, it can't be too powerful.
  6. It`s fake until it`s on a yamaha website or respected and reputed motorcycle industry site.
  7. I doubt it will be released here in a long time. If is is going to be made.
    I don't know how you would release a spec'ed up 2fiddy for a reasonable price. Margins would be too tight.

    However having said if it is as good as it looks. wow

    How much better does this 2fiddy looks than the 09 R1?!

    I don't know what is going on in japan it is an upside down kinda place.
  8. It looks beautiful. Heres hoping it is an inline four. These old CBR250/FZR250/ZXR250's can't go on forever.
  9. wow finally a fast 250 road bike
  10. How do you know it will be fast? it could have some old single cylinder out of a SR250 just clad in plastic.
    Until some tech specs come out (If it's not just a photoshop job) the most you can do is speculate.
  11. 60hp would be impressive, but probably a hard ask. Maybe if they upped compression, (forcing it to run on 95 or 98 octane)... and spun the engine even faster than the CBR250RRrrRRrRRrs spin. :shock:

    CBR250RRs already make an absurd 160-180hp/litre! (Depending on year model)
  12. Looks like it'd be a i4 screamer.
    Decent styling, suspension, radial brakes, tyre size appears to be good, perhaps grippy rubber available.

    I'd hit it.

    For power restriction they'd surely make it a carby induction bike.
    For efficiency and emissions standards they'd surely make it an EFI bike, however, making it more powerful and tunable.

    Would like to hear that this is more than just a phantom bike.
  13. the NSW LAMS bike list states that the bike must be on the list of approved bikes and also must have less peak power than 150kw/tonne.

    the CB400 is 53HP (39.5kW) and sits right on the limiting line as far as compliance goes.

    a lighter bike (250) producing more power would certainly exceed and would (probably) not be added to the list for NSW anyway.
  14. OMG they really hit the 09 R1 with the ugly stick!

    just had a look at your link.

    The R4 pic has more differences to the R6 than most photochoppers would bother with. They're either very determined to start speculations, or it could be a prototype that never sees the road, or could be real.

    EDIT: comparison with the 08 R6 however is a more likely photochop donor.
    its starting to convince me that the R4 is more likely a phantom.


    Many parts are identical including the wheels, brakes, suspension frame and engine casings.
  15. Some differences, yes, but oh so many identical sections as well. Look at the angles of various items. The exhaust headers are identical. The rear sprocket position.

    It looks like a semi-professional photo-shop, like the ones that you see in AMCN all the time of fictictious bikes, that are really just two or three donor bikes chopped together, with enough subtle differences to make the viewer possibly believe that it's an independent model.

    The pictures in the OP are just reasonably well done photochops of R6's.
  16. If that pic is real, and thats a big if. This thing is definatly more than 1 cyl. The way the headers curve look like an i4 to me, see technical diagram below...

  17. I'm with you FLUX...

    I said it wasn't chopped from on 09... then later found it was mostly taken from the 08 model as my pic shows. Definite phantom.

    They're not gonna make a 250cc that has all the weighty components of a 600cc. They're gonna go with cheaper, more lightweight options.

    Woulda been nice tho...
  18. Yep without a doubt it is a photoshop job.
    No need for further speculation
  19. Like this one...