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New Yamaha Triple revealed

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Roarin, Jun 12, 2013.

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  2. Awmahgawd.:playful:
  3. In the US this bike will cost $8,000 which undercuts Street Triple by a significant amount of over 1,000 bucks. Of course you can bet your testicle this bike will cost a lot more than $8,000 in Australia, yet it still should be a little cheaper than Street Triple. So how much does Street Triple go for in Oz?
  4. About 13.5k?

    Btw, what would a crossplane triple sound like?

  5. Dunno, hopefully like a really angry crossplane R1?

    I quite like the ugly styling too. It's ugly in a brutal kind of aggressive way, as opposed to the streety's gayish faggoty poofy type of ugliness. Not that there's anything wrong with that I might add.

    bag of arse

    Ha! i would say there would be a lot wrong with that.
  6. That's a bit long winded.
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  7. I like the concept and wish Yamaha luck with this. Its outside the box from their usual formula and looks like it will be a very competitively priced package.
    Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh before passing judgement on its looks.
  8. Hell of a big decision to suddenly start going head to head in the triple market like that.
    Hopefully, but i'll doubt it, they drop the striple price to compete. Then i might give one a go.
  9. Given the article says 120 degree firing intervals, it must be a 2 stroke. Probably means 240 degrees. So probably similar to a regular triple. I wonder if they ended up going with the shortened crossplane or a regular 3 cyl crank. I don't know how they would have overcome the balance problems the cross plane would have posed.
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  10. I like the way the Street looks, but I've always considered it to be a more a feminine looking Speed Triple. Not as mean.

    I agree with you on the FZ-09. It's not completely unique, but it doesn't follow the styling of other budget nakeds. It's like a motard had sex with some sort of naked bike-cruiser hybrid.

    Only a 14L tank though. But I love the no-nonsense dash and those headers are sexy. And it looks very skiny, skinnier than the Street.

    I'm excited.
  11. Hints of vmax in there.
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  12. Yeah, bits of VMax in there.

    I'll buy one. As long as it's better than some of the triples Yamaha have built in the past.
  13. Looks really nice. If its 8grand in the Us would it be around 10-11.5 here?
  14. i reckon 13-14 here.

    looks like a win for the bike market anyways... dont know if id go for it but i reckon it will be popular.
  15. and i cant see this bike being too much trouble for the triumph, to me it looks like a lame copy... unlike the mv675 which looks fantastic.
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  16. Seems like a great bike on paper but geez it looks cheap!
  17. I was actually referring more to the new 2013 model streety's with the overt red subframe and radiator shrouds

    But on the other hand, I don't see it being worth more than 2 390 Dukes either.
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  18. The FZ-09 is 847ccs. Triumph doesn't have an 800 naked. The Brutale 800 might end up being 3K+ more and at a guess it cost more to service too.

    I wonder if Yamaha is going to make the R6 a triple too. I remember reading somewhere that that was a goal for WSS.

  19. Yeah, I see it as more like the Speed Triple engine in a Street frame. Without the fat.
  20. agreed, who knows what triumph are trying to do with all that stupid plastic crap. have you seen the new grey speed with the blue frame? a bloody catastrophe. and they want 20k for it or some shit.