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New XVS650 - First Bike

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Reflex, May 24, 2012.

  1. Hey guys!

    Just got home today with my first bike, a brand new XVS650.
    Pretty excited about riding it.

    If anyone lives around the Vermont/Mitcham area and wants to go for a ride with a newbie sometime next week, dont hesitate to let me know.

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  2. AWESOME bike. I got the same one - picked mine last year around the same time.

    Top choice & welcome to NR. (y)

    Try to come down to the Sat Prac @ St Kilda - there are a few of us V-Star Cruiser lovers! :D
  3. Yeah I plan on getting down to some once I'm more confident on it. I really havn't done much riding at all. But I'm looking forward to getting down to them!
  4. Let me know when you plan to and I'll ride with you (if you want that is) as I live in Wantirna South. If I can't make it - there might be a few others from around this area who can ride with you to St Kilda.

    Just post on the Saturday prac thread when you plan to go to St Kilda. Till then practise and more practise around your local streets, I would suggest.

    Ride safe.
  5. welcome to NR, and what Lazy said, practise, but dont wait all year to lose the 'L's like [someone we know ;)] lol
    I have a classic myself, the cruisers are a sexy beast, enjoy and ride safe!!
  6. Very nice, I had a classic for a day while my bike was being service. Just the sort of bike you want to just jump on and ride. Many happy km ahead of you.

    You should throw up some more photos at other angles.

    Also the Vance & Hines Big Shots exhaust suits them well.
  7. Welcome mate, Good ride to have in the stable
  8. They're nice bikes. Have clocked up almost 18K KMs in the past year I had it.

    I've the Vance & Hines Cruzers and just love them. (y)
  9. Here are a couple more photos of the bike.

    I'll definatly PM you sometime for a ride during the next week lazy, although you're going to have to be fairly patient with me lol.

    I plan on putting some pipes on the bike in the next couple of months and I'm also toying with the idea of a different handlebar too... Might just learn to ride the thing properly first though!
  10. just be careful u don't void your warranty if u start changing things on the bike
  11. No problems re: riding to St Kilda & dont worry too much about me being patient. I'll follow you and keep the idiots away. :)

    I did buy a handlebar recently but never put it on so it's still lying in the box it came in. :) I have thought about getting rid of it but still undecided... though put on the mirrors & levers.

    You can check the V&H on my bike and decide if you want something similar. Here's a photo from last year - probably same day as today (it's a lot dirtier now). Hehe. Love your color but last year Yamaha didn't release it in an all black color.

  12. nice bike ! im in the ringwood area just over so pm me if you need a riding buddy
  13. (y) Will do. I ride down to St Kilda Prac sessions every few weeks.
  14. ah then you prob would have seen me there on my trusty spada haha, i try to make it there most weekends but uni and work generally ruin it for me.
  15. Yeh I remember seeing a Spada there a few weeks ago. Sometimes it's hard to say hi to everyone. :)
  16. You'd be pretty out of luck to void the warranty on minor changes like pipes and bars.

    If in doubt, ask the local dealer. I did; they told me changing my pipes wouldn't make a difference.

    My No. 1 mod is highway bars. Saves your paint and chrome if you have a drop/miss the sidestand, etc.
  17. Just went on my first proper ride on the bike.. It was awesome!
    Definitely needs pipes on it though. I do like the look of your pipes Libran. How much should I be expecting to pay for a set like that? Around $550?
  18. They are Vance & Hines Cruzers and cost me a little bit more than that. I also had rejetting done with the installation of the pipes. Not mandatory but I still did it.
  19. I may have to look into it a bit... Need to save up some cash too
  20. might want to hold off if you are gonna upgrade after restrictions . i was going to cafe my spada till i realised i wanted something with a bit more *umph* still LOVE my bike though and im stashing the dosh for my next beast. :)