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New XJ6N - Taking delivery tomorrow or Friday

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by MissionMan, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. Finally taking delivery of the new bike. Hopefully in the next day or two. Finance and every finalised today.



  2. hawt !!!!!!!
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  3. Will post some nicer pics when I collect the bike. Shitty mobile phone pictures.
  4. Congrats!!!!!! They are great bikes! You will love it!

    BTW, I have a GPS holder (SW-Motech) and a pair of brake pads that you can have free of charge for that model. Just send me a PM.

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  5. uglee bike MissionMan, very uglee, infact so uglee I'll take it off your hands and wont charge you ok!!
    :) nice bike!! congrats and I wont say keep smiling as it'd be a silly statement :)
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    Congrats. Sure you will enjoy it
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  7. Murphy is a bastard. Got a call this evening to say it was ready to collect. I had already left to go home and avoid the storms. Can't collect tomorrow due to wall to wall meetings so I'm stuck waiting until Friday. Oh well, patience...I hope my wife doesn't get annoyed with me tapping my foot impatiently for the next 2 days.

    Thanks for the GPS mount offer, ajiribarren, I have an iPhone mount already on route so it wouldn't be used and I'm also not tech savvy enough to even try changing the brake pads on my own so it's probably best to save them for someone who will do them justice. If I tried changing my own the results may be scary.
  8. Collected. Patience is not my strength. Will post pics later :)
  9. My new ride. Very happy with it so far

  10. awesome new ride, enjoy it :), let us know how it is to own.
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  11. So far so good. Engine is starting to loosen up with 100km's on the clock and the gearbox is getting a little better to. Been keeping it below 5000RPM so far but will start to open it up a little more now there are some km's on the clock.