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New World Honda gone under?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by E2W, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. I hope this isnt true but I've just heard that New World Honda has gone under? How many more shop are we going to loose around Melbourne?

    Edit: they have closed the motorcycle section of the store but its business as usual for the car section and power equipment & mowers.

  2. That was the only city Honda dealership that really dealt with bikes, and with PS buying Taylor Honda in dandy, maybe that's become the Honda motorcycle dealer for the area and they will open a PS branded service centre out that way.
  3. Wow that sucks. I've bought from them before and they were pretty fast with getting the parts I needed.
  4. Yep, New World Honda are no longer doing bikes. Only have cars/power equipment out of the Narre Warren/Berwick showroom. No bikes, accessories or servicing at all.

    That said within 20-30 minutes you also have Freestyle Honda in Frankston, Geoff Taylor/PS in Dandenong, Jeffery Honda in Ferntree Gully and Metro Honda/Ducati in Ringwood.

  5. jeez thats a real shame, nothing like having a bike shop 5 mins down the road, nice bunch of guys in there, i never left that shop empty handed :D i hope theyre all ok...
  6. man that's bad news'' I've been taking my vfr to Honda new world for the past 3 years and they always did an awesome job . Sorry for the guys that lost their jobs .

    Now I need to go elsewhere that's not Peter Stevens.:)
  7. thats a shame, helped me out with parts for the cb250 during one of its many episodes. I have been to honda in ferntree gully who were really good, but they don't specialise in honda, they have other brands as well...
  8. Says they have 'relinquished the franchise', which suggests the move may have come from the importer (?)

    It does seem that most of the pain is being felt by the Japanese brands, albeit they have more to lose. But maybe the apparent lack of model development since 2009 is doing some damage?
  9. Relinquished means to give back. I.e it was a voluntary. New World have chosen to focus on the core parts of their business i,e, cars and power equipment. I believe all of their employes have kept their jobs and have been relocated within the business.
  10. Thanks goodness for that :)
  11. Guys received a sms from new world Honda today (22/08/12) .it reads

    '' New World Honda Berwick Bike accessories is open for the LAST TIME this sat and sun
    its final clearance ''

    fyi cheers