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New word meanings, one letter changes :)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Here's the challenge.

    Change ONE letter in a word and then redefine the new word's meaning. The meaning should be somehow related, but different.

    Here are a few to start us off:

    Fungers: Fun you get up to with your fingers

    Goodmoaning: Good sex in the morning, often involving fungers.

    Cumment: Sexy lewd comment

    Mortcage: What you feel your stuck in when paying off a house.

    Tafent: Hot talent you find in a tafe college.

    Netbie: A total newbie to the net.

    Breek: The noise a valley girl makes when she breaks a nail.

    Over to you guys. :)
  2. Some more:

    Homour: A homosexual based joke.

    Classilieds: White lies or lies of ommissions that make your item(s) more saleable.

    Flilting: Describes the wilting of ones libido when it's realised that flirting efforts haven't gone acording to plan.
  3. Are you bored???????
  4. LOL...

    Boned: What you'd rather be than bored...

    No not bored. This one letter change thing was part of a literary competition in the US a few years back. Someone told me about it recently and it tickled a part of my brain.

    I just thought we Aussie NR's could make a better go of it than them.

    C'mon Woodsy, have a go mate.
  5. Depraved: what you are if you are not deprived ?
  6. ok if i have to.

    Asstract- see builders crack

    Proptitute- some one who sells props for a living

    Cun tract- the document a Transvestite signs before surgery

    i had to put a space in the last one so it would post without going sll @#*$ on me lol
  7. robort = rob in techno ;)
  8. Cumputer: Electronic ponographic device

    Hogda: Japanese cruiser style motorcycle

    Nearider: Local motorcycle enthusiast
  9. Well done guys. They be some good ones - LMAO @ the cun.tract one!!

    Cumputer is a ripper... they've all become cumputers since the internet haven't they??? :)

    Nearider was nice and cerebral... prolly my fav subtle one so far.

    Depraved has me thinking... that one's a bit deep.

    Tony you inspired this one:
    Nitrider: A netrider forum poster that loves to nitpick the minutiae of a post. [We have a few of those here!!]

    Here's one for Hornet:
    Hornot600: The act of making a disparaging post about Hornet's prolific posting. :LOL: Usually made by a nitrider :LOL:

    Tony, your "Hogda" inspired these twists that need interpretation:
    Yahaha: (yah-ha-ha)
    Yamana: (yam-a-na)
    Kowasaki: (cow-a-saki)
    Kawasuki: (kaw-a-sucki)
    Susuki: (suss-uki)
    Susuki: (su-sucki)
    Tryumph: (Tri-umf)
    Driumph: (Dri-umph)
    Dulati: (Dull-ati)
    Ducuti: (Du-cutie)
    Hinda: (Hinder)
    Hondu: (Hon-doo)
    Agrillia: (Agr-illia)
    Apriccia: (A-prick-ia)

    ...sheesh, started on one, then they all tumbled out. "Hinder" tickles the funny bone. :)

    ...better work now...
  10. heh heh, thanks for the hornot, rob :LOL:

    So how about rubsalvv, what you do when you have sore muscles?
    TinyE, Tony's younger brother
    vac, forum administrator and part time Kirby salesman


    Dazzi, the state of being light-headed with your own importance :p


    notrider, just lurking, no bike
    nutrider, unbalanced poster (or a member from Kingaroy)
    natrider, ex-Country Party rider (again probably from Queensland)
  11. :LOL: :rofl: Not bad Hornet. TinyE... pisser.

    <In welcome back Kotter style> OOOh, Ooh, OOh, OOOh, I got one, I got one... inspired by "vac"...


    errr, actually, I'll keep that one to myself :-w ...move along... nothin to see 'ere... :LOL:
  12. Rubsalvv To sooth through humourous posts...

    Vac - hmm I'll leave that alone too - it sucks... :LOL:

  13. hm... i must be the notrider then. :(

    Enternet: where Hornet went and was never seen again.


    What fish do when your trying to catch them.
  14. Tony, thanks for that rubsalvv interpretation! :LOL: Some days, the humour gene is just plain switched off and could really use some rubsalvv lol.

    Drew, are you really a notrider?? You must be quite the enthusiast then.
  15. :( yep. still no bike.

    September is looking like my lucky month though...... Even have the Missus saving for my bike.... i think she's sick of me complaining about having the L's and no bike. :twisted:
  16. Messus: What the lady other half does to you if you don't comply with their spending priorities.


    Good luck for September!
  17. Messus with your head ...:)

    yep looking at a few bikes wil see what around when the time comes. got some favourites, some easy to find others not so easy..... but with character
  18. Draw; what Drew was doing before he finished.
  19. ...!!! When did you become a mod Hornet??

    Muderator: Thankless job of ensuring posters don't muddy the T&C's.
  20. You are a tirelessly funny man, Rob :LOL:

    Monday night, as near as I can remember, Jason asked me to moderate the Welcome Room forum, and meet and greet the new users/members. I haven't worked out yet whether it's a ploy to keep me out of the other fora or not, :)P) but I was very flattered, and happy to accept.