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New Wire Rope Barriers [Perth]

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Duffman, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. Went for a cruise out to Northam on Sunday, along the Great Eastern Highway from Perth, partly for work and partly just for a cruise as i'll be away for a few weeks and wont get to ride.

    The good news, is that almost the whole way to The Lakes roadhouse/turnoff has now been upgraded to dual carriageway. The bad news is the installation of Wire Rope Barriers along much of the new road.

    I have sent numerous correspondence to the RAC(WA) asking if they have any views on the safety of WRB for motorcyclists. I have as yet received no response, and I don’t expect to. It would be nice if they at least acknowledged that riders contribute to their organisation. As far as I’m aware there is no public opposition to WRB in WA at all.
  2. Coroner's Reports carry more weight than letters.

    Some poor inexperienced sod may take on for the team on this one before it gets noticed, unfortunately.

    Now I'm supposed to type something about cures and preventions, bah, I forget.
  3. I hate this type of barriers on the road.

    Definitely not a rider-friendly stuff.
  4. Lin thinks she's come up with perfect solution, cheap, safe, eye catching.

    All riders will wear the hard spiky velcro as an over-suit.

    The new barriers will be made of the soft velcro material.

    If you come off, you slide or bounce towards the side of the road, hit the velcro, and hey presto, stick like a fly on a web to the soft surface.

    She's worth more money, she really is. :LOL: :LOL:

    Please note: In NZ sheep could get inavertandly stuck, that could pose a problem if rider and sheep were sharing the same spot.
  5. ... or provide an excellent cover-story.
  6. Seriously, do you think wire rope barriers are any less safe than Armco railing? As a rider, you're going to be hitting the posts that support either as you slide to the edge of teh road, and they will both fcuk you up.
    Wire rope barriers, if hit whilst still upright, will actually give a little, and you won't have 3/4" bolt heads, reflectors sticking out of the railing on metal brackets, and teh 1/4" steel overlap joints found on Armco taking chunks off you. With a wire rope barrier, you'll just slide along relatively smooth wire, and the way they are made, you wil have more contact area with the barrier than Armco, which helps spread the load.....not to mention wire rope barriers are higher than Armco, so less likely to go flying over the top of it.
    Go have a close look at an Armco railing, you are no worse off with a wire rope barrier.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Scenario 1: the Superman.

    Broken wrists, arms... maybe ribs. If you go over the top, your bike stays on the road. You lie there until you hear that question you've been waiting for "Morphine or Pethadine, sir?"

    You go under it, land in bush hurt. Random breakages.
    You go over it. Same as under.
    You hit it - perhaps arm goes one side, head goes the other? Your shoulder takes a focussed hit.
    If you go over, your bike also is likely to leave the road - meaning unless someone saw it, no-one is likely to find you.

    Scenario 2: barrier grind.

    You are Sir Grazalot until you find a support pole, and then you break whatever hits it first. Bike is ahead/follows... hopefully doesn't hit you.

    Unless you leave the road, the wire must be catching you somewhere. You are now hanging onto to a steel cable at speed with either your groin/arm-pit/neck.
    Your bike leaves the road.
    OR, you leave the road with your bike, and you hope someone saw it or help could be a while away...
  8. I think you seriously need to go have a long hard look at a WRB , then ask the Dutch parliament why they have banned them and started to rip them out of the ground.

    I also suggest you have a look at the DVD of a Toyota Echo hitting a WRB at hwy speed
  9. I think the trick is; don't fall off in the first place.