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New Windows Live! Grrrrr

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Firstly I am incensed by Microsoft's high-handed enforcement of an upgrade of a perfectly servicable product. I KNOW the reason given is that the new version is more secure, but to me that's just weasel-words. People who get security breaches on their machines don't keep their systems up to date and hang around web-sites and use software through which they're likely to get attacked anyway. Messenger Live! DIDN'T need to be upgraded for security reasons.

    But what really riles me is that the upgraded product is nowhere near as useful as the old one; talk about 'The LORD giveth, The LORD taketh away", several of the good features of versions up to 8.5 have been axed, and nothing has been implemented to compensate for this. To whit....

    1. Shared backgrounds

    I enjoyed the fact that I could have a motorcycle in the background of my whole messenger window (not just one conversation window) and share that background with other people who liked motorcycles. You can't do that any more.

    2. Shared folders

    I likewise enjoyed the fact that if I found some old pictures of 60s racing, for example, on the 'net, I could download them to My Pictures, and send them to someone, via my Sharing Folder. I can't do that any more. I can send one picture at a time, or use Microsoft's idiotic Skydrive, which is NOT secure or private, despite their claims that it is!

    Why do we let these people get away with this sort of software Nazism? You can leave 'Feedback' on the Windows Live! site; have a guess how much good that will do?

    And the infuriating part is that there is no other IM client that will do what Messenger 8.x will do.

    Anyway, that's my whinge for the morning, time to go and make Mrs Hornet a cup of coffee....
  2. Not all of us do - some of us switched to alternatives. For example I've been running Linux exclusively since the late 90s... whingeing is a start, but there *is* actually something you can do about it as well.
  3. Just as a matter of interest what does messenger do that no other IM can?
  4. Windows live games are the most frustrating. They don't let you save your game until you go online to authenticate your copy.

    We must fight the fascists with all our tools available!
  5. Did you read my post?

    Did you not understand the features that are no longer available?

    Did you not read that I said that no other IM client does the things which I highlighted?

    Does this answer your question?

    RT, running Linux would do nothing to address these problems with Microsoft Messenger, now would it?
  6. People still use msn?
  7. msn has gone the way of the dodos.
    Haven't used it in years
  8. I haven't used a messenger program for a while now. Everyone seems to use Facebook chat these days.
  9. Abuse yes, gratuitous I'd let other people decide that, as to the features after a proper look around I will conceded that everyone would appear to have remove shared backgrounds probably because allowing unknown images to be rendered has been used as a attack vector before now, As to shared folders Google Talk will do that via google docs...

    But I am aware that the next issue will be that these are for other "open" chat networks not MSN, so really what you are actually saying is that no IM client other that Messenger 8.5 is Messenger 8.5, so yes you're right... Well done...
  10. I visit clients who have to experience the inconsistencies of IE. Depending on what version they have, they either can, or can't do some things. In IE8, it is locked down so tight that if you try to loosen the security in order to see a legitimate site, it puts a frikkin great toolbar alert on the top warning you that you are about to die. All this seems a response to the previous issues with IE6 and below that were gateways for viruses and other malware. And you ask them to change to another browser, the response is often 'no, we want to be standard'.
  11. It would address the main problem with Microsoft Messenger: the fact that it's Microsoft!
  12. Windows live messenger is trying to force me to update to the latest version. I did that on my laptop and I know its a piece of shit. I've used a patch to disable most features and bring it back to what it was in the early 2000's.

    What I hate especially is the new Photo sharing 'feature'. You used to be able to drag and drop jpegs and it would send them. Now when you do that, it brings up a viewer and doesn't save them to the destination computer. Fortunately a patch has killed that.

    Another problem is the ads. I used to block them with my hosts file. But they were back in force. Fortunately the same patch killed those again.
  13. I've given up; I'm looking for a basic IM client, and I've followed someone's advice here and had a good look at Dropbox.....
  14. Hmmm… M$ sais for security reasons then remove all the features that allow P2P or pushing of data to the other client…
    You say Security was not the reason…

    Let us consider this for a moment.
    Yeah it’s a lazy and simple solution, but it sounds like a security lock down to me.

    You call it “software Nazism”…
    I’d say it is just M$ protecting there own ar$se in Americas over litigious society
  15. Get Pidgin, H man :)

    TBH though, I've always found MSN to be.. slow and bloated... but thats just me
  16. MSN... Meh...

    Get a mac, they're just better.
  17. i concur!!!!!
  18. BOLLOCKS TO FACEBOOK CHAT!!!! Half arsed crappy piece of tacked on programming.

    Much of the time I get people to move from f/b chat to msn (live messenger)

    The latest upgrade to live messenger is bloatware alright! The default upgrade option had crap loads of crapware attached. I was happy to stay with the previous version, but was forced to "upgrade" just the other day.
  19. Yea, facebook chat isn't that great, but like I said, it's what most of my friends and relatives use these days.
    I must admit, I do miss playing checkers and minesweeper with friends to avoid uni work.
  20. I resent having to upgrade, and I refuse to join up so something else and be deluged with the infinitely boring details of other people's lives. Messenger is just fine for chatting with the two or three people who I allow inside my little world.