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New way the safety Nazis are going to brainwash our kids

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by smee, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. This at Southland shopping centre (lifted from another forum)

  2. That's not very safe, that car is about to/is hitting that pole!

    EDIT: And it looks like one of the tires is well and truely flat. No drivers-side door, either. Bet it doesn't even have seatbelts.
  3. actually if you look at the front tyre, it has a flat, so I'll guess it has hit the pole.

    Also that camera has it's hand formed into a gun like position...tsk tsk tsk.
  4. The reason for the hand like a gun is because it's simulating getting mugged.
  5. My take on it is the anthropomorphic pole shot up the car (hence the major flat), the driver bailed out and ran for it (presumably in the direction the pole is looking, and probably now lying in a pool of blood), and the pole will probably deal with the witness next.

    EDIT: Maybe I should stop making posts like this before people get the wrong idea about me. There are downsides to being pretty creative and imaginative...
  6. Draw a hamburglar mask on it.
  7. NO NO NO NO
    It's a safety camera, it safely stopped the speeding tyke then held it up took its pocket money then zapped it with the laser flash.
    The speeding offender will never speed again!!!!
  8. I think it's perfect example of what happens in real life, IT TAKES YOUR MONEY!
  9. But where is the kid? He must have been 'disappeared' to be re-educated :nod:.

    Remember the innocent have nothing to fear ;).
  10. wow, yes!! :rofl: :rofl:
  11. Yep, highway robbery......
  12. Probably said, bugger this, too slow!
  13. Or that :D.
  14. Where's my sledge hammer??! FMS! I bet ya Redflex (or who ever they are) made that.
  15. Oh **** of.
    I HATE maggots that go after kids to push thier views
  16. So, who's going to be first to drape an old tyre around it, and set it alight?
  17. Nuff said
  18. #18 Mkey, Aug 29, 2010
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  19. You've all got it wrong - judging from the flat tyre he's tried to ram the camera but hasn't quite succeeded. What it teaches kids is that you need to go a bit faster to knock the camera over... :)
  20. Now this is more like it.....