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New wannbe rider here:)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by snoognz, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Hello All, i'm Tim 24 and i'm thinking of getting a bike next year, mainly because it's should be cheaper than a car to run, also i recon it'd be great fun to ride. The other plus side to a motorbike i recon, is my mates can't bug me for a lift, like back when i had a car lol.

    Anyway thought i'd intrduce myself, I'm looking at getting a Honda Nsr150 cc, they look to be fairly well priced, amd from what my brother tells me hondas are really good.

    I know jack about bikes, so i'm hoping reading threw this forum i can learn more, get some pointers, and basically get ideas on what i need, and how i should go about things on the road whilst riding.

    well i've gone on enough lol.

  2. welcome to the forums.

    just remember to bring your popcorn each time you log on.
  3. Welcome Tim, my names Stephen.

    I'm the same as you i know sweet f%&^ all when it comes to bikes, basically i look at them and think they are pretty or not lol.

    I'm paying off a Suzuki gsf250 Bandit right now and should have fairly soon (watch out world).
  4. Hi Tim,

    I have just bought my first bike... Honda VTR 250... fantastic learners bike, very easy to ride, very forgiving, low maintenance and just about bullet proof... I would suggest that you read as much as you can, ask as many people as you can, and make a decision based on facts, and not JUST the look pretty factor... :)..

    And when you are ready to do your L's.. I highly recommend MTA in Dandenong.. if they can teach me to ride.. they can teach anyone.... :)

    Oh and yes riding IS a heap of fun too...

  5. Thnx for all your warm welcomes:)

    I've been going threw all the threads, and i can tell already ths forum is going to be very helpfull.

    One thing though, i've NEVER ridin a motorbike befor, is that gong to be a problem? I'll be doing the weekend thing to learn how to ride, but the hardest part is imagning what riding a bike is like. I don't know how to do gears and brake ect. Is it easy to pick up at all?

    anyway thnx again, and when i get my bike i'll be sure to let everyone know!

  6. Surprisingly easy. If you've driven a manual car, you have a headstart. I hadn't EVER ridden a bike when I went for my learners 13 months ago - passed with ease @ the 2-day HART course. That said, you do need to practice a lot on the road post-learners: you'll quickly learn that riding a bike on the road is a LOT different to driving a car.

    Good luck mate, and look forward to catching you on a ride day sometime soon!
  7. Hey snoognz, welcome to the forums :)
  8. Hey Tim, I had NEVER ridden a bike until 1.5 weeks ago when I did my intro course at MTA, with the learners course the next day, bought my bike 4 days later and I have been riding on the roads yesterday and today...If you can ride a pushbike, you can ride a motorbike, and as for driving a manual car, I know a chick who just CANNOT drive a manual car for the life of her, but she CAN and DOES ride...

  9. Hi Tim , welcome to the forums . :D
  10. Tim, if we can ride, YOU can ride!
  11. don't worry snoognz i've never riden either, but i've been driving stick for about 8 months so i dont htink i'll have a problem
  12. Welcome to the forums Tim and the wonderful world of riding motorcycles!! :D :D
  13. By no means am I suggesting that you won't get your license, but be mindful that riding a bike is very disimilar to driving a car..
  14. Hi and welcome, lol I was in the same boat as you I had never in my life thought I could ride after the death of two brother in laws on a bike :( I thought NOWAY so never bothered to try. I managed to keep off them for a lot of years. I am lucky to say that my fiancee Tones tought me how to ride within a matter of hours :LOL: . He was a fantastic instructor and really done a great job :D ( would hope so seeing as that is his job :LOL: ). I now ride a GPX250 that I love and you can't keep my off rain, hail, or shine. Good luck and safe riding. \:D/

    Cheers Lainie :p
  15. yea i know, alot of people have told me that it's easier to switch gears on bike then a car...is this true??
  16. The sequential box on a bike does tend to make it easier, little chance of "missing" the gear, although modern cars are pretty good. Some older cars (the original mini is a fine example) were simply a case of pointing the gear lever in roughly the right direction and hoping that it found something.
  17. It changes gear easier because the engines have less torque(sports bike) and the engines are only small.

    e.g. letting the clutch out in a landcruiser or in a corolla. yeah its different but once you get used to it its easy. besides you normally start holding the revs, bike or car to about where they should be so that it goes into gear easier, however do this badly with a highpowered bike you might be looking at the sky, do this badly in a highpowered car and you'll be lookin at the curb. be careful in the wet too.

    Its just different on a bike. and every bike is different. you'll get used to it.

    I'd been on a postie bike for 10mins on grass doing donuts etc bout 4 years ago. i had 4 hour lessons and a 2 hour lesson with no other bike experience and then went and did my test and got my license. i had done a bit of mountain biking which helps with balance etc.

    Just think about what your doing and you'll be fine
  18. welcome to the forums

    stay away from the 2 strokers as a first bike , get something like the others are suggesting.
    Last thing you need is a croutch rocket while learning.
    plenty good learners bikes around
    across, vtr, gpx, cb, cbr, etc etc

    just my opinion
  19. Welcome and have fun. Would like to echo the 2-stroke = bad idea sentiment.

    The 4 strokes save you some hassles dealing with oil, save you a bit of extra maintanence and for a novice most of them are more then enough to get a grin on your mug.

    Anyway...hope to see you out there soon \:D/