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New VTR250's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bogus69, May 10, 2005.

  1. I went for a test ride on a VTR250 yesterday.
    felt gooooood :D

    The dealer I was talking to was indicating that the 250's have no money in them when sold new. Something like an 8% margin.
    This of course leaves no room for negotiating a discount.

    Im not sure how true that was and how much of a "don't bother asking for a discount" line it was.

    I am going to do a ring around soon but am curious. Has anyone out there got a good price on a new VTR250?
    retail on road is $8,5?? whats the cheapest someone has got one for?

    Sorry if this is the wrong section for this thread.
  2. Don't believe it for a minute. Of course there is a margin in them, and quite a healthy one at that when sold for full retail. Like you say, just shop around and you'll start seeing that they are more than happy to start lowering the price

    Good luck
  3. This wouldn't surprise me. There isn't much market for new 250's. Nobody wants to pay top-dollar for a bike they'll only use for a year.

    $8,500 for a VTR is a bit of a ripoff, but I suspect that's the best you're going to get on-road new. I suppose you've got good reasons for not looking second-hand, but I strongly encourage you to do so anyway. I would expect to find a second-hand VTR250 with sub-10,000k's or even sub-3,000k's for less than $7000 on-road.

    Which dealer, btw?
  4. For the record I am looking 2nd hand also.
    I will end up comparing the best price I find for a new one with whats out there 2nd hand.

    The dealer was Redwing.

    I will take a look in the yellow pages and ring around a few today. I think I might get a better quote if I fronted up to the shop but have to rely on PT to get around so is a pain in the arse.
  5. It's about what I've been quoted but I've really only gotten a figure so far. Haven't got the cash to start shopping around just yet.

    I'm looking at new because a) a warranty would be nice and b) my insurance is a LOT cheaper if I buy new (enough to _nearly_ offset the excess cost).

    Presuming I put a Staintune on it and don't bin it'll basically cost me the pipe and the onroads over the top of a secondhand bike.

    Still trying to find out if I can pick my colours for bodywork and wheels, whether it's set (ie. all matte black's have black wheels) or whether you take your chances. I haven't been able to get a straight answer from anyone. Wouldn't worry me if I didn't HATE the gold wheels. :?
  6. You should get a motorbike.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  7. lmao pete :D
  8. There's always room to negotiate a deal. Don't let them kid you into thinking there isn't!!
  9. :p

    When I asked about colours (and the fact that in Japan you can pick and choose) I was told here in Aus you cant.

    Although if you find some nice sales person who happens to have a red and black one in the store at the same time you may be able to persuade them to swap the rims over so you get black ones on a red bike.

    I think it is black bike = black wheels
    red bike = gold
    blue = dunno.
  10. As long as black bike = black wheels (or silver) I'm cool.
  11. Paid 8k on road for missus' vtr250 in November last year.....

  12. Oh....that included boots, jacket and a few other things like tank protector as well...good quality....

  13. I'm gonna have a shot at getting some oggy knobs thrown in.

    Don't think I can weasle anything on the zorst. Do any of the Honda dealers even have Staintune exhausts or do you have to deal direct?
  14. Who was the dealer?
    That is a good price including the extras.

    I want a rack/bag - don't even know what they go for normally.
  15. Action in Canberra....

  16. I was quote $8,800 by PS Sept 04 for a brand newy, on-road.

    Ended up buying a 1999 model with 9,600 kms for $5,200 privately.

    Check the Trading Post for 2nd hand bikes. AND GO THE VTR!!!!