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New VTR250 - How much can I haggle?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by LineNoise, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. Ok...well I'm getting impatient. Been saving for ages for a bike and as always seems to be the case I seem to end up taking more OUT of the bike fund then I put in. :?

    Figuring it might be better to move now rather then later if I possibly can.

    Anyway...I need to know what I can expect to haggle off of RRP. Is aimming to get the bike for RRP including on-roads optimistic? Should I be aimming higher or lower then that?

    Also if anyone wants to talk me out of buying a new one over secondhand feel free to put up your arguments. Not promising I'll listen :p
  2. New or used , the choice is yours . Your best bargining power is cash . If your going to finance it then you wont get as good a deal . But go low , and i mean low . Ask what their best price is and then ask them to better it .Ask for riding gear thown in etc . If it's not the deal you want be prepared to walk away from it.
  3. Yeah cash I can do (I don't do finance/credit and don't plan to on anything short of a house). Haven't bought anything this expensive before though...going to be so hard to resist the Wayne's World "Do you except cash?" routine.

    Do any of the Melbourne Honda dealers deal with Staintune or the people who make Oggy Knobs? Would love to walk out with either or both on the bike if possible.
  4. what sorta money have you got? i know someone that paid $9k for a VTR, that just seems WAY too excessive for a bike thats a) gunna lose value staright away b) old technology c) low performance and d) only gunna be with you for a year and a half :?

    you should be able to pick one of these up for around or just over the $5k mark second hand. make sure its been looked after (get someone else to check it out if you have to) and you'll be right as rain. keep it maintained and its sides off the black stuff and theres almost no reason at all why you wont get your money back at the end of it all.

    and then with all the extra savings you've been doing in that year and a half, you'll be able to afford a GOOOOOOD real bike :twisted:

    and i have to bring it up, have you tried any of the other nakeds?

    Bandit or Hornet would be my choices. Quicker and more fun to rev the tits off them IMO..... but thats just me :wink:
  5. Go to redwing in heidelberg. You cant go past a chapter dealer for service. New bike margins are notoriously slim so dont expect to haggle too much off the new price. What you will find is that they will do accessories at a discount for you. My mate just bought a new VTR from them. He got a Megacycle pipe, airfilter, and jetting at a good price. I think it cost him around the 9 mark, rideaway.

    Once again, go to redwing. Very good people to deal with.
  6. i too had my heart set on buying a new VTR however managed to pick up my (immaculate) second hand VTR for $5700 with only 5K on the clock and impeccable service history... :D

    besides, isn't the 2005 colour scheme that darkish red? they should have stuck with the black if you ask me :LOL:
  7. Thanks for the info. I've been meaning to get down to Redwing but haven't had the chance.

    Oh...as for colour scheme. I was under the impression you could still get the matte black.

    Yeah but there's too many cylinders and they're all pointing in the wrong direction :p :LOL:
  8. for all i know you might be able to... let us know how you get on :)
  9. Yeah for sure.

    Think I might keep an eye out for a new-ish 2nd hand of the "sod all Ks and no suspicious scratches" variety as well but RACV seemed to quote more on a secondhand bike then new for me (go figure) and due to my situation at the moment I'm in a position where I won't be able to afford NOT to comprehensively insure :?
  10. hahahahaha vtwin riders.... compromising performance for looks and sound and feel...... goddamn i hate not being able to afford a decent vtwin :LOL:
  11. hehe Coconuts.

    I must admit it's partly that but honestly the VTR is the bike I was most comfy on when I went around and sat on everything I could (and some things I couldn't) afford and that's primarily why I'm going that way.

    I'm probably gonna be stuck with it as my only bike for 3 years (more if I save for that Monster) so I figure I may as well get what I want. Even if I do get bored of the power at least it'll sound good :LOL:
  12. I'm with josh909 re: good quality 2nd hand bike for less $$. If you find a good one, it'll last you for 3yrs easy. Like josh909, I got my '01 VTR for $5K with 6,500kms on it - hadn't been dropped, etc. So there are some out there... worth considering. My comprehensive insurance with NRMA (our RACV?) was $638 for your info.

  13. :LOL: your bike (year, kms and $$$) is practically the same as me

    just to add, the guy i bought off didn't seem to realise how well 250s retain their value - he just figured it was 4 years old and as such set the price at just over $5K... meanwhile i had been looking at older models with 3 times the mileage for more $$$

    look around and don't take the first thing you see ;)
  14. Just curious josh909 and VC. Did either of you guys purchase from a guy in Potts Point towards the end of March or early april?

    Anyways, to LineNoise. I recently bought a VTR250. I was initially looking at somewhere between 5 and 6k, but after a massive disappointment when I missed an immaculate black one from scotts motorcycles with about 7000kms on the dial for $5900 (+ oggy knobs etc), I started to get fustrustrated (I walked in ten minutes too late and they were just doing the paperwork on it with some dude.)

    Anyways, I did get my VTR but i spent about 1000 more than I wanted. To get a new one with on road costs with no negotiation you're looking at about 9k. Bargain with them and you'll get that down to maybe $8600 or $8700 plus maybe some other stuff thrown in. In april I bought a blue 2004 which had been bought in november of 2004 and had 950 kms on it. It had oggy knobs and was basically in showroom condition. As well as this they had just given it its first service. I got it for $6900. The dealership initially wanted $7500. So basically I got a brand new bike which still has 18 months factory warantee for nearly $2000 off what the price of a brand new one is.

    As for the Hornet idea, they are a nice bike but there are hardly any around and the ones that are seem waaaay overpriced.
  15. You can always get a good deal, just don't buy it on the same day otherwise they know how keen you are and if you need gear thats also the best time to get it. Good choice of bike the VTR250... :D :D
  16. Nah, I got mine from a guy who lived in Manly but garaged it at his mum's place in Kirribilli... basically a rec. bike for him but has now become my commuter. :) Go the VTR! And, josh909?... Mine is black as well. ;)
  17. yeah... i did :LOL: did you go and look at it as well?
  18. Yea i went a looked at it on the tuesday after first advertised. That bike was immaculate but my bro test rode it and seemed to think it hadnt been maintained all that well. plus the service record seemed to not show a recorded service after 2003. I also think part of it was the fact my bro hasnt ridden anything smaller than a 600 for about 4 years, so i really dont know. when i went to buy it the guy would have been ahppy with 5k even.

    Did you see it on ebay or the trading post?
  19. i saw it on the trading post and when i went to inspect it turned out to be my next door neighbour from when i was about 10 years old... i also noticed the 'no service thing' and when i asked him he said it had been serviced about 3 months before but didn't have the service book when he took it in so i called the shop first thing the next day and they verified it had been serviced.

    i've had no complaints so far :D
  20. Awww man. that means i think i missed out on the deal of the century. A yuppie who had no idea of the value of what he had and wanted a quick sale.


    Hey i reckon all us sydney vtr and spada ownders should go for a ride! but it just seems so hard to motivate people and find a time when everyone can go.