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New VTR1000 - just purchased one

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Slicks, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. HI all,
    Thought id share some good news, take delivery of a new, well last of the F6 models, in two weeks. Been doing heaps of thinking over the last couple of days a clinched a good deal on the great beast. I was looking at an older model, say 03 to 05 however there aint too many around and for an extra bit of cash, i snapped up a new one.

    In terms of running in a big capacity twin, is there anything outside the normal run in procedures that need attention?
    Also, whats the consensus of opinion on removing the baffles in the standard exhaust system versus spending the $$$$$ on yoshi pipes and the like?
    Cheers guys,

  2. Congrats man - pretty much my dream bike (well, OK, one of 'em!) Enjoy!
  3. Congrates mate on the new bike..(although v- twins aint my thing)

    not sure about your question but as far as i know there is no special treatment for this type of bike compared to others just the usual run in procedures......

    have fun \:D/
  4. May the noise commence! I debaffled my trx pretty much as soon as i got it, sounds pretty good. Not too loud, but loud enough to get that nice deep twin bass. Only thing is that its hard to reverse debaffling. With mine i could make up a plate and weld it to the baffles to bolt them in again if i needed to. I just got a set of staintunes and with the removable baffles removed sound much better then the standard debaffled pipes (this is getting confusing). Nice and load and crisp and throaty with a nice little gargle on the overrun. So in summary debaffled pipes sound good but it might be tricky to reverse the process (important if you ever got dobbed into the to epa for sound testing). And aftermarket pipes, if you have the coin, will pretty much always sound much better again. And be lighter. And possibly have a small power gain. Congrats on the bike too, i almost ended up with one of these (would eat the trx for breakfast in a straight line :wink: )
  5. Only thing not to do is sit for long stretches on freeways. Other than that give it heaps. I debaffled mine and it does sound pretty damn good. All you need is a drill and a hammer. :shock: Seriously.
    I now own Microns though for that truly purrrrrrrfect Storm sound.

  6. Congrats on your purchase. I'm still leaning towards one of these as a replacement for the Blackbird.

    Running in, just ride it normally. Don't thrash it for the first few hundred kays and don't labor the engine. Let it spin freely.

    As for removing baffles, I'd say, DON'T.

    Why? Because if you get pinged then you're going to be running around trying to get the thing un-de-baffled. Or, if you go to sell it, the guy buying it is going to expect the standard bits and pieces to be available.

    There is also the issue of warranty. If the bike develops any problems they may try to get out of it by pointing to the modified mufflers and suggesting that they have caused the problem.

    If you insist on noise, then spend the dough on some slipons. Or go to the wreckers and get a set of standard cans and butcher them if money is an issue.

    Oh, if you go too loud, you'll soon get sick of the noise, even if you wear earplugs if on a longish trip.

    Good luck.

  7. HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

    Mine has custom baffles in the RS3 Yoshi's but man...........

    I'm so over mine and it's noisy arse I'm trading it in next month. It sounds bloody amazing, loud and deep and someone said "it's almost Harley like"

    It pisses the neighbours off, it pisses the wife off and wakes the kids.

    But shit did I mention that it sounds amazing?

    It will be sad to see it go but we've had 2 years together and it's time for a divorce.

  8. Heathens......... :LOL: :cool:
  9. In- line 4 and V-Twin have their own individual characteristics. With my previous CBR 600, I was addicted to the high reving engine but with my current V-Twin, I am addicted to the deep rumbling growling musical note it makes.

    For some reason, I get much more attention than the CBR (with Yoshi Pipes) because of the deeper noise it makes. I guess it is similar to Ducati or Harley owners get.

    For example, people walking along the footpath will turn around to see who coming towards them, while lane splitting more cagers make way for me, more people look up when you enter and leave the a petrol station etc.

    Even our dogs have recognised the unique sound of my bike as they now bark earlier than before as I get closer to home.

    It is a cardinal sin not to either remove the baffles or replacing it with aftermarket slip ons as it really brings out the V-Twin growl.

    Always wear earplugs and have fun.
  10. Dunno if anyone is saying that it's a cardinal sin or whatever but it's a tad silly to wreck mufflers that are worth around $2k replacement cost when you can get a good set of cans for less than that. And still have the originals for RWCs, resale, etc..

    In other words, wrecking the standard cans means that there's no going back. Not without a lot of rooting around.
  11. I got this done last week, guy didnt even ask me to turn the bike on. :LOL:
  12. What mjt57 said is right. I know some riders have debaffled the pipes themselves and depending on their skill level, it does not look as good like a backyard job.

    I have Yoshi's on mine, the original pipes are sitting in the garden shed and I was surprised of how heavy they are.
  13. Yeah, the standard trx pipes are mucho heavy, hey? My staintunes are much much lighter and i'm sure they're not exactly designed with light weight as a priority.
  14. Appears everyones a bit divided on the whole to debaffle or not to debaffle.
    I'm pretty fussy in terms of presentation so taking that in to account i dont want a hacked looking exhaust system. Looks like aftermarket pipes it is. I see Yoshi mentioned a few times, is there a pipe of choice for the VTR1000? And needing 2 cans will up the $$$$.
  15. Thats the thing with 2 into 2 systems, they cost a fair bit of money. Which sucks. But they do look cool (esp on a frosty morning with white clouds of fog pouring out of the pipes). Don't know much about a pipe of choice for the vtr, but when you do find out check out how much it is from the US. The vtr is a popular bike over there (think its called the superhawk) and there's lots of bits available.
  16. Knock yourself out!!

  17. One example does not a trend set.

    Anyway, if the EPA pings you and you have to front a testing station, which isn't a normal roadworthy service station or garage, then they'll be testing it to the appropriate ADR.

    I'm sure that there are guys on Netrider who've had to do this at some stage, so it's not exactly a rare occurance.

    Just something to think about when choosing replacement cans. Staintunes sound better than stock but have baffles in them. Depending on the model they can be removed.
  18. Just Debaffle...not worried up here where theres lots of 'screaming eagled' HD's with pipes that read "only for offroad use" or something to that effect on them...Us Jap & Euro pilots just blend into the crowd.. :LOL: