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New VTR-250 owner

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Arik, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. Its been three weeks of unadulterated joy - must thank all posters here as I did most of my research lurking on these forums...
    So she's a 2005 VTR - bought with under 1000 Ks, goes well for a two-fiddy. Price was less than I'd budgeted for so I had a staintune slip-on fitted on monday and cwoar :shock: - with the restrictor removed it's a beautiful thing...never let anyone tell you putting an aftermarket pipe on a 250 is a waste of money!

    Would love to hear from other melb riders, does this site organise any rides?

  2. congrats on the purchase... and yep completely agree after market pipes help you deal with the 18mth jail sentence ;) and yes there are quite a few rides, but think you have just missed the riding season though
  3. C'mon Stewy, every season is riding season.. :? and yeah your right Arik, I had Megacycle pipes on a zzr250, worth every penny I spent on em...
  4. Hi Arik and welcome to the forum, how much was the staintune?
  5. Missed the riding season! Are you nuts! I have been out the whole day and it has just been glorious!

  6. like you can talk...... you ride your once a year and only on a fine day, maybe twice this year as it's new :p :wink:

    yeah ok.... every season is riding season, some are just a bit more fun :grin:
  7. Congrats, Arik.
    I can't wait to get my L plates (this weekend, fingers crossed) and try VTR250 myself. Where did you find one with < 1000k? How much was it? Err, if its not a secret...
    And what's a restrictor?
  8. Congrats on the yellow anchors and the new machine on which to display them

    And welcome to the forum, glad we've been able to assist.

    Any time is riding time, but some times require more care....
  9. Thanks guys...It may be getting colder but the weekend I got it was a scorcher - sometimes cooler is better!
    I've doubled the ks on her in the past few weeks so it's definately riding 'season' for me. Going down the coast on the weekend so should find a few twisties...hope it doesn't rain.

    Bike was 6.9 k, found via bikepoint.com.au, not a mark on it!
    staintune was 650, but I spent a little more so I can return the bike to stock when it's time to get a big VTR. I went to vic motorcyle wreckers and bought a stock VTR header& pipe for $100, cut off the can and re-finished the headers so I could remove my entire stock system without having to cut it.

    Now I'm thinking about a re-jet...
  10. Hey nobby how much did the aftermarket pipes cost you for the ZZR?