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New vs Used - ZZR 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Rhavin, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. Hey,

    In my excitement I went window shopping again yesterday, it will definitely be a ZZR-250, I just love the look and their feel. However I am unsure should I go used or new?

    I know it’s my first bike and therefore it will be dropped and dropping a used vs. a new doesn’t seem so bad. But on the flip side I would assume less problems/issues if I went a new bike which sounds slightly better.

    Paying for either won’t be an issue, since I will be using cash from selling my car.

    Any thoughts and or Pro's/Con's?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Depreciation is a biatch!!!
  3. you can pick up a good 2nd hand one for between $3000-$4000 at this time of the year. these bikes have not changed since 89 when they came out so there is NO performance advantage. depreciation happens as soon as you ride away from the shop. provided you look after it, a 2nd hand bike should sell for close to or even spot on what you paid for it when its time to upgrade..... etc etc. i could go on forever :wink:

    the 250 market is a funny thing, due to restrictions, the manufacturers can just sit on a 15 year old design and still make money on the ppls that would prefer to buy new instead of dealing with the "hassles" of a 2nd hand bike. most of the other classses (esp. sportsbikes) have updates almost every year to keep interest/sales up, but the restricted classes have a market that has to buy what is availiable so its not at al cut throat.

    anyways, same thing i'd tell anyone just starting out, DONT BUY NEW. buy something cheap that you can mistreat a little and that you wont worry about selling when the time comes. its not so much because your a learner and you WILL damage it, its just that its a temporary bike, a quick fix till you can get a real bike.

    have fun shopping tho, and the ZZR is a great solid choice for a first bike :wink:
  4. My opinion would be that if you were gonna keep the thing for 10 years id buy new because the little bit you save buying a couple of years old isnt really worth the peace of mind in my opinion. Knowing you have a full warranty behind you and being able to treat the thing right from the start with regards to servicing is a good thing. Plus alot of people dont realise how much bargaining room there is on new bike and cars.

    But whos gonna wanna ride a zzr-250 for 10 years?

    And from most things ive heard their pretty hardy. Ive done about 5 thousand ks since buyin my 93 model and she hasnt missed a beat yet. And if your anything like me your gonna be wanting more power from the second day so your prolly better off buyin somethin older and savin the extra money for somethin better after restrictions.

    As for dropping the bike it seems everyone says you will and im not sure why. Ive only been riding about 4 months but it seems to me that on a little zzr youd have to do something rather stupid to come off the thing. As long as you ride within your abilities and take things easy you should be right. Youll know when your getting better an can push that little bit harder. And just look out and be extra careful on shitty road surfaces ie. wet, gravel and oil.

    Hope that helps a little and doesnt just confuse you,
  5. If you are ded set on a zzr250 buy secondhand... and buy private... get someone to look it over for a pice of mind...

    Also if you buy new remember a new bike will have to be riden in for the first 1000km... the first service can be costly and any follow on service will be costly as well coz you will have to take it to a dealer...

    To top every thing most learners do only 1000km to 5000km on their 250 b4 they upgrade...
  6. Eeek! :eek:
    Well the 20,000km I've done is a little above average then! :LOL:

    Personally I'd still go secondhand, as you'll probably be upgrading rather shortly. It's more of a means to an end, than anything. The ZZR/GPX engine is a pretty hardy one, so you should be ok buying secondhand - just check out the usual things like tyre wear, sprockets/chain, etc. Make sure it doesn't have a funny rattle at idle either - that's NOT good. They sound a little clunky, but don't rattle! :D
  7. Just for the record what could that rattle mean?? Engine Bearings shot, cracked or warped fairing, Loose Chain??
  8. From my experience with my two bikes, the second hand market is a perfectly fine place to begin with, my Across was second hand and i put 10,000km on it in 6 months (it was written off thanks to an old bloke failing to give way)
    My current steed is a ZZR250 and ive had it 6 months and put 10,000km on it as well, thanks to a bit of touring that i have done on it, nice compfortable position for a long stretch, they are a good buy and very forgiving, a good bike to learn the finer points on and how to ride quick (rather than outright speed)
    Ive put a deposit down for a new bike now that im almost off my restrictions so mine is up for sale, have a look in the FOR SALE section of this site, im about to put some pictures up.

    if you do buy second hand be carefull what year they say the bike is, as alot of them will say for eg. 2001 model when its a 1996 that has just been complianced as a grey import in 2001.
  9. Rhavin,

    My son bought a 96 ZZR, paid $4000 for it, kept it for a year and sold it for $4000.... the bike was in great condition when bought, with regular services (unusual for a 250) and had no serious road rash other than dents in the pipes which he had reskinned before he sold it.

    I bought my ZZR new and have put 10000 kliks on it in 8 months, when I sell it I will lose around $1500 - $2500, even though it has never been dropped and has had regular services......

    Go good used, save your money for quality safe riding gear and the inevitable BIGGER bike.
  10. Definatly dont get a brand new bike as your first, you will be sick of the 250 after a few months and counting the days until a bigger bike, so you wont hold onto it for very long.

    Secondhand will cost you extra too maintain and be less reliable, but the extra cost will be much less than the depreciation on a new one.

    Id recomend just getting a cheap CB-250 or similar while your on your L's. Then when you get your P's you will be much better educated and know how to drive a hard bargain on a ZZR. Theres not much demand for bikes in winter, so you will get a better price.
  11. I take the approach that its safe to say at some stage I'm bound to drop the bike. I don't particularly want to (!!!) and hopefully i wont but by taking that state of mind it keeps my confidents in check. dont be paranoid, just be aware that it can happen...

    And no offence, but i don't see the point of buying a cb to keep it for 6 months then getting a zzr250 etc. the zzr isnt a rocketship and are quite capable beginners bikes. and if you cant bargain, it just means your going to get ripped off on the cb as opposed to getting ripped on the zzr! lol :LOL:
  12. Paul Clitheroe from the Money show said buy the cheapest car your ego can live with same applies to the bike especially if it's only a stepping stone!
  13. quote="Bond Girl"]Paul Clitheroe from the Money show said buy the cheapest car your ego can live with same applies to the bike especially if it's only a stepping stone![/quote]

    haha to bad im a 21 year old male... enough said??? lol

    i think i've been watching motogp to long and wanting my license for to long so the zzr didnt feel sporty enough, where as on the cbr i just felt at home, but thats me... zzr is a quality bike, i just dont fancy the cb's!!! hahaha
  14. Yeah nothin against the cb if your gonna be ridin back and forth to a job in the city but not if ya gonna get out on the highway and such.

    One of my mates has also has a zzr and the other a cb. We went out for a ride the other week on some hilly 100k roads and me mate on the cb just couldnt even nearly keep up no matter how hard he tried. The only thing i like better about the cb over the zzr is the sound, its a bit chunkier.
  15. haha to bad im a 21 year old male... enough said??? lol

    i think i've been watching motogp to long and wanting my license for to long so the zzr didnt feel sporty enough, where as on the cbr i just felt at home, but thats me... zzr is a quality bike, i just dont fancy the cb's!!! hahaha[/quote]

    Obviously still developing taste due to infancy, your fault is your youth but don't worry you'll grow out of it! froflmao! Yes I love my bike I make no apologies cause I don't need to! ok well not about my bike anyways the trouble my mouth (fingers) gets me into is quite another matter!
  16. hmmm, now accoring to your profile you are 4 years my junior, so what was that about infancy? :shock: hahaha, kidding. nah the zzr is a good bike, i just have to much testosterone to own one!!!!!! hahahahahaha nah, as i said it depends what you feel comfortable on. when i wake up in the morning to go to work, the first thing i think about is being able to ride to work, and the days that i drive in i just dont move from my bed. i suppose if i was more enthusiastic about my job it would be a different story, plus i have only had my bike a couple of weeks, but it really is the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
  17. Well I guess that's better than wetting the bed! pmsl!
  18. money is the thing here, its the monster...
    how much u got, id go second hand, unless u buy new and have fully insured
    but its just how much u wanna spend, and once u have 250 for a year or 2 most people want bigger
  19. used cos mines for sale :D
    check it out on bikesales its the naked one for $1790ono, im guessin u want a faired one though aye
  20. Why does your ZZR have no clothes on?? That's just not right, please think of the children!!