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New Vs 2nd hand 250's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Drew, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. from what i have read researched etc there seems to be little point buying a new 250 as it generally gets sold in a year and you loose a fair amount of$ to depreciation.

    But considering a 2nd hand bike is only about $1500-$2000 cheaper than new (GPX as example), would there be a point at witch buying new would be better if you knew that you were going to have that bike for 3 years or more.

    If you were going to keep the bike for a longer period then certainly knowing the engine was not thrashed and also knowing exactly what has or hasn't been done to the bike has got to count for something. As well as knowing the exact service history for your bike.

    So is new an option for longer ownership or is 2nd hand the "only" way to go?
  2. if you own a vehicle for long enough depreciation doesn't mean anything - many vehicles get to the point that regardless of how well they've been looked after you can't get a buyer to pay any more for them and the difference between that value and the price you bought it for averaged over the number of years you've had it approaches the cost of a ham sandwich.

    Wow, what a long sentence.

    A problem many new riders can get stuck in (and i've done it many times myself) is think that yes, i'll keep this for years and years, and then i decide that something better comes along or I want a change and end up getting rid of it much earlier than i expected.
  3. i know i waill want to change bikes after i get mu full icense.... My missus wants to get her licence when i'm done.....so allowing for 2 years of P plate riding and around 12 months on L's (2 people) thats 3 years at least.

    She's doesn't want to do it yet..... want to watch me make mistakes frst.

    So this is about a 3yr+ investment not just the usual 12 months etc.
  4. nup, still a waste of money. even in 3 years, you'll find a 2nd hand bike will have lost very little if the upkeep was good and you didn't overpay to start with (as an example, my old bandit, which i sold a few years ago, has recently popped up at peter stevens for $1500 MORE than i paid for it).

    basically, once you get past a few years and kays (say 2 years/20,000 off the hat), the depreciation is sweet FA on a 250 provided its kept in good nic
  5. I was told always to buy a vehicle 2-3 yrs old as they loose way to much as soon as they're out on the street. Have done this with both car & bike to date. Friend bought a new CB250 & its worth not alot now, wheres my VTR is still worth a decent amount.
  6. Another to look at when buying 2nd hand is if accessories like luggage racks, crash knobs, aftermarket muffler etc. are fitted. Generally these won't add too much to the price of a used bike (if anything) - at least not compared to the cost of fitting them to a new bike.
  7. I think it boils down to what value you place on warranty, and how important it is to you to have something that someone else hasn't owned; both intangibles, I'm afraid :roll:
  8. i'm just trying to work out if a new bike + gear is going to be better in the long run vs $4000 used bike + gear

    allowing for warranty etc.

    and who knows how many Km i'll put onthe thing in a year. Would like to get as low as possible due the the fact i'm gonna have it for a few years.

    Thanks for the advise.

    Still need the L's first though
  9. I bought a new VTR because I wanted the peace of mind of a warranty and the knowledge that being new a lot less chance of something going wrong, especicially considering that I rely on it to get to work.

    Also the difference in price wasnt a lot compared to a late model second hand job. 1k or 2k difference.

    I was fortunate enough at the time Honda were giving away a free riding jacket with every bike, also HART were throwing in the cost of learner training.

    And they gave me a VERY good deal on the rest of my gear helmet, boots, gloves and Draggins.

    So for me it was all enough to tip it in favour of a new one, also given the fact that i wont be racing out to upgrade straight away as there is a possibility my partner might want to use it in the future.

    So basically you need to weigh it up for yourself and do what suits your situation and needs. :)
  10. Pete, What colour choices did you have?
  11. You have 1200 posts and you haven't worked this out yet?

    Of course its always better to buy second hand.
    I've only ever owned and ridden second hand bikes, as have my mates. They cost several grand less than the new versions (my bike is a 99' model, cost $10'000+ new, I bought it for $5000), but believe it or not- they are exactly identical to the new versions to ride!
    I don't do high miles so mabye I've just been lucky, but japanese bike generally will not break down under normal use. I've got several mates who've never bought a bike post late-80's, and they've never had to ever get them professionally serviced (done it themselves), or had any significant repairs.
    That's an extremely example, but buy any japanese bike made in the past 10 years, give it frequent oil changes, and I'll be greatly shocked if you need to spend money on anything more than consumables.

    Depreciation is non-existant on cheap 250's. If you can find a reasonable deal, which do exist, you'll often be able to actually make a profit after several years of ownership. I'm actually quite a fan of the $500 and $1000 250's, they get the job done just the same, for a fraction of the price and no depreciation.

    The most important thing is, for the price of any new-250, you could buy a much better used bike. Why buy a $6000 250, when you could buy, say a perfect TL1000 for the same price?http://cgi.ebay.com.au/1997-SUZUKI-...45173813QQcategoryZ102687QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
    Just a random example, the point is new 250's are so expensive, you can get so much more bike on the used market.
  12. Dude, don't take this the wrong way (everything bad always starts with that quote doesn't it :grin: ) but you are only buying a 250. It's not like you are purchasing the landing gear for the Airbus A380 were 600 peoples lives are at risk.

    Don't over analyse it. Find a good 2 nd hand 250, and get it checked. Get your gear and ride the friggin thing. Look after it and it will look after you. If it's only worth 2 slab of beer and nine sheep in three years time, so be it. In 3 months time I can garantee you will be hanging for your big bike.

    You have 1200 posts on here at the moment and you don't even have your L's yet. Maybe that's a good place to start? Yes?

    Don't get me wrong but we are all happy to provide advise, but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and actually do something yourself. You will screw up. Drop it. Try start it with the kill switch on. We have all done it and learnt by our mistakes, and I think it's about time you took that first step mate.

    Good luck with your future purchase. Mark.
  13. Hey if you're not going to ransom the family jewells on this one then buy whatever the heart says!

    I bought new and could justify it pretty easily, no mechanical experience, daily commuter, two year warranty etc etc etc etc. The bike was aonly about $500 dearer than a second hand one at the time, now about $1200 more. But don't care it's mine.

    I can afford to drop a bit of money for the peace of mind and I like new shiny things.

    The best piece of advice given to me about buying a bike was "Do you look at it and want to ride it?"
  14. kols_kebabs - i'm buying a 250 cause i have to... im in Victoria...i could buy a Tl1000 but it would have to sit in the garage for a year before i'm allowed to ride it.

    VtrElmarco - L's booked for end of the month....... life has a way of screwing with finances and time.... if life didn't happen i would have been on the road witha bike in about October/November.

    My 1200 posts have largely been research/find out stuff from those who have done it all before. THought i'd research before i take the plunge

    As for what i plan to do.... Whichever bike i get has to last at least 3 years and possibly a long term ride for my missus. I'll use it till i can upgrade.. she will probably ride it till it dies and or has enough troubles to justify an upgrade. Hence seriously looking at new to get the longgevity out of it.

    That said if i can get a 2nd hand in good nice with low K's then it's worth considering... but if its only a little bit lower than a new one... why wouldn't i go for the factory warranty?? Unless the bike we both like happens to be a SPADA or something else OOP.

    Hope that didn't come out to harshly but i've taken my time so i get it right..... i'm always a bit overly cautions.
  15. I didn't mean to suggest that a TL1000 is a good learner bike (wouldn't mind one myself but...), merely that paying that much for a 250 that is outdated/underpowered/low build quality/you will want to sell is crazy, when for the same $ value there is so much better stuff out there.

    I seriously doubt whatever bike you buy you will keep for 3 years, let alone till it dies. They get boring fast. Everyone really looks forward to their first 250, and thinks they'll keep it forever- until they actually have to ride the thing.
    People don't give up riding 250's just because they are pressured into it by our countries obsession with big capacities. Very few people ride a 250 if they don't have to. I often look at 250's for sale and think "Wouldn't mind a go on one of those". I'm quite fond of 250's, as are most here. But when I actually hop on a 250 and go for a ride I remember everything I hate about them.

    They aren't cheaper to buy then larger bikes. They aren't significantly cheaper to run. They are deficient in many ways. They are rather boring. Why would you keep one longer than you have to?

    Spend little money on one. $3000 at most, will get you a perfect one. You will not lose a dollar when you sell it. It will NOT have any reliability issues for that price. Buy a better bike 12 months later.
  16. Well me personally... yeah id sell it... but as i said my Missus wants it after i'm done with it.... and she i smore likely to learn to ride it and then be happy with it. She'd mainly use it for round town or short trip up the freeway to her friends about 45 minutes..... a bigger bike is not gonna make that any better for her if she like the one she has.

    Realistically i CAN se her riding it for quite some time.... hell i may need to as well if the $ aren't there for an upgrade when the time comes.
  17. I don't know your missus, but I'm sceptical at any suggestion that women don't like having fun as much as men.
    What cash for an upgrade? Just swap it for a $6000 TL1000 :grin: Or if petrol and insurance is a concern, get something in between, say an SV650 or ER6n, which you can get a 98' model of the former for around $6k now. Upgrading doesn't need to cost money at all. You really only lose money on the taxes for transferring rego. Other than that, the whole used bike market is basically based on people trading bikes for other bikes, and effectively breaking even in the process.
  18. never said that.. just that my missus wants the bike more as cheap transport than a fun machine...she could change once she gets on board thoug hi guess ;)

    yeah SV650's look good.. to me anyway... still a while off yet though.
  19. If your missus tries a bigger bike at any stage, there will be a high probability she will want a bigger bike.. If the extra power doesnt tickle her fancy its likely the better brakes or suspension will.