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New vlogger

Discussion in 'Video Logging' started by Nick Ling, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Just started a Youtube channel. Name is Aussie CQRider. My videos are not exactly vlogs as I am not currently doing audio commentary, but are videos of my rides when I am touring. This is my first video. More to follow in coming months.

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  2. Nice scenery. Thinking of a CB500X myself, are you happy with it?
  3. Welcome to NR! Shall be watching your adventures.
  4. Happy with the X. Easy to handle at slow speeds and will flick through the twisties with little effort. Plenty of acceleration up to about 150 kph. I can overtake at highway speeds without downshifting. Fuel economy is pretty good getting about 370 km per tank before it gets to reserve which has about another 50 km.
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  5. Here is another video. This is on Coal Rd, Central Queensland, off Dawson Highway, between Biloela and Calliope. It was taken with my new Sena Prism Bluetooth action camera paired to a Sena SMH10 headset. Sound could be better, but I am still playing around with the settings.

  6. Short video of a ride I did on a back road near Rockhampton. This was taken a few days before Cyclone Marcia trashed Rockhampton.

  7. This is a video I took of a ride around Rockhampton 5 days after Cyclone Marcia hit. Doesn't appear to be a lot of damage, but there may have been more in areas I did not have access to. Testament to building construction in Central Queensland that only 100 homes out of about 20,000 were damaged. Still a number of suburbs without power, but should be restored by the end of the week, at least in Rockhampton. Outlying areas are not so lucky. Some will have to wait 2 weeks before power is restored. Cleanup will probably take months to complete considering the number of fallen trees around.

  8. Another video of a ride on back roads near Rockhampton.

  9. Video of a ride I took in North Queensland along Mackay-Eungella Road as far as Broken River.

  10. This video is of a ride I took in the North Burnett Region, Queensland. Road is Gin Gin-Mount Perry Road.

  11. Here is another video of my ride around the North Burnett Region. This one starts just outside of Mount Perry along the Monto-Mount Perry Road and finishes at the Kerwee Road turnoff. Monto-Mount Perry Road beyond this point is gravel, but they are in the process of upgrading it which may mean that it is being sealed.

  12. This is the final video of my ride around the North Burnett Region. It is the continuation of the previous video. It starts at the Kerwee Road/Monto-Mount Perry Road intersection, proceeds along Kerwee Road, and finishes at the Burnett Highway near Eidsvold.

  13. Today's video is of a ride I did in Boyne Valley, Queensland. It is along Gladstone-Monto Road as far as Many Peaks, then back along the same road to Dawson Highway. Near the end of the video, I have an almost OMG moment as I nearly failed to negotiate a bend. Fortunately, my instincts kicked in and countersteered me out of trouble.

  14. Short video of my ride through the Mount Morgan twisties in Central Queensland.

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  15. Nick i do admire your tenacity and willingness to upload your vids - and i do pop in to have a quick gander - but quite frankly Mate i have the attention span of a goldfish.

    Can you just pop the twistie bits and near misses in for people like me? Cheers, Lionz
  16. Thanks for posting these Nick, I'm about to order one of these great looking bikes myself.
  17. You won't be disappointed. I am due to upgrade to an unrestricted licence soon, but will probably keep the X for a while as it does all I need it to do. Find it good around town and is also quite capable for long distance touring. OK for mild offroad stuff so long as you are mindful of its offroad limitations.
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    G'day NickNick. I'm enjoying your ride videos, especially the most recent Mt Morgan video - I'd heard quite a few Queensland and other touring riders mention the Mt Morgan range and it was good to see your video of the ride over it. The CB500X was one of the bikes I'd considered when hunting around for my first motorcycle and from yours and others' comments it looks like I would've been pleased with it.
  19. Here is a video of my ride to the Byfield National Park in Central Queensland. The last part of the video is along Farnborough Road, heading towards Yeppoon.

  20. I have a couple of tips for you and your video style.
    - If it is just a road with scenery, speed the video up and add some music from freemusicarchive.org
    - Keep your video to under 10 minutes, the average watch time for most viewers of motovlogs are 6-7 mins.
    - If you don't use music, talk about something or edit in only interesting things.