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New visor for SHOEI XR-1000

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Spikes, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. Hey all!

    I have a feeling I'm posting in the wrong place.. Sorry Mods! :D

    I've got a standard Shoei XR-1000 helmet and I'd like to change the visor from clear to tinted. Being new in this game and having no idea about visors etc. whatsoever, I need some help!

    Where can I get some tinted/ coloured visors for my helmet in melbourne for a good price? Is it safe to order them online? (someone gave a good review on a online warehouse etc. I think it was located overseas somewhere?)

    Is there anything I should know about getting a tinted/coloured visor? Will I get pulled over if it's this and this?

    Someone told me a red/ yellow visor would be good? That person lives in Scandinavia, would those colours be suited to Australian weather?
    What about the shiny ones? (NO idea what they're called in english.) The one's with a metallic finish?

    And also, what sort of price would I be looking at? Do different colours = different prices??

    Please help me guys! :grin:


    Also, where would be a good place to get my Ninja serviced for the 1st time!? Somewhere close to the city, pleease :grin:
  2. I can only tell you about my limited knowledge on visors, Im sure you will get a lot of replies from more experienced people, but here goes my effort. Make sure when you do get a tinted visor that if you ride at night, you put the clear one back on because your vision will be less clear with the tinted. You should be able to get the visor from where you got your helmet, they range around $90 or so but I stand to be corrected. I got my tinted visor from TeamMoto in Brisbane and know they sell Shoei ones as well, but any m/c accessory shop should be able to help. As for the Iridium (shiny) visors, I had a blue one on my last helmet which was wonderful but I hear they scratch easily. I now have a dark tint one which looks the same as the Iridium when wearing it, only difference as far as I know is how it appears from the outside, and they are a little bit more expensive.
  3. Thanks Ametha!

    Iridium! That's the word.
    About riding in the dark, as I always have my backpak when riding, carrying a clear visor won't be a problem. A friend also suggested leaving the dark visor up and wearing clear glasses etc. during night-time.. Anyt thoughts on that? And where could I get said glasses? Is there anything made for the purpose? Not interested in spending on 'designer frames' :)
  4. Just use "safety glasses"..get them at any workwear outlet, hardware store. Nowadays there are some pretty cool looking safety glasses around.
    Shoei visors $100 tinted-$140 iridium...i think
    Also check out https://www.shoei.com.au/store.php?crn=286
  5. yeha not a fan of safety glasses at night, with visor up , as the moment you do 60 to 80 km/hr you can bet you will get a moth, and it hurts like all hell.
  6. Yeah, XR1000 visors from $100ish for tinted, $130ish for iridiums. Should be able to get them anywhere that sells the helmets - PS if nothing else. May even be cheaper with the new model out, but not sure. If you're looking overseas be aware that the XR1000 is called an RF1000 in the states. Go figure.

    They do scratch, and more obviously than clear when they do. Not a major drama though. Carry a clear one for night riding and you'll be fine, or Bolle safety glasses are about $25 from the factory outlet on Wellington just off Queens Pde.

    I've never been pulled up for my gold iridium visor, even though it may not be technically legal (there is a significant thread on the actual rules/laws governing this somewhere...)
  7. I have the dark tint visor on my helmet. When I think I will be riding in the dark I just put the clear on, other then that I just leave the dark on. If I get caught out with the tinted at night, I just ride with the visor up.
  8. I wouldnt have a clue what they cost for Shoei but i got my Chrome tint visor for $50 from AMX.

    I wouldnt think carring a spare visor is very practical , they arent very strong when not connected and would bend in a back pack...I just keep goggles under my seat incase i get caught out after dark....riding without any eye protection is not a good feeling lol, might be able to just get away with it for a few kms in a 60 zone but out here on the open country roads a moth the size of a small bird collected by the face at 100kms hurts like a MOFO lol
  9. https://www.thehelmetwarehouse.com.au/store.php

    Helmet Warehouse here in Sydney stocks all the brands in the banner at the top of their page

    I STILL thinks sunnies (prescription if needed) under a clear visor, is the way to go. There's just going to be the day when you are riding late and you don't have a clear visor; it's a lot easier to slip a pair of glasses into your pocket than to stop and change visors, assuming you've remembered to take the clear one in the first place.....
  10. Thats what I do, prescription sunnies or contacts with normal sunnies.

    I hate what I am about to say here, but a guy I met yesterday at a bike shop said he used those transition glasses for riding. Seems like a good idea, for riding where people can't see you (helmet).
  11. I just bought a new XR1000 and also got the tinted visor. Visor cost me $72 which is 20% off the retail price.

    Until now I have always used sunnies under my clear visor. Unfortunately even though the arms on my sunnies are very thin I still get headaches from wearing them on long rides.
  12. I have a dark-tinted visor, 69? usd from ridersdiscount iirc... havent done much night riding yet so not too sure what I will do, prob take the clear or go with a pair of safety glasses and visor up (I definetly wouldnt do this if riding in the country... too many bugs)

    A mate of mine has a orange "hi def" visor for his shoei that seems fine to ride in at night, and still cuts the glare a little during the day... but not as nice during the day as a tinted or iridium!
  13. The other possible option is to get a light reactive insert, like the Fog City ones.

    They'll change from 98% light transmission at night to 50% in the sunlight. Cheaper than a new tinted visor, and also reduces fog considerably as in my experience the XR1000 visors fog quite easily.
  14. XR1000 visor from bikemart in ringwood $80 but that was for a clear.
  15. Thanks for all the help guys!
    Went to Stevo's in the city today and got myself a plain dark tinted visor. Tried on a 'chrome' iridium visor as well, but apparently they scratch quuuite easily, so decided on the dark instead :)

    Also got a new globe & lens cover for the front indicator and one of the guys straightened my gear lever as well, so Ash is almost better than new now! :grin:
  16. if your riding in suburbia at night and get caught out with the tinted, just leave it down. you can still see quite clearly. once you get into bush though...
  17. I've had the blue ( dark ) & gold irridium on my shoei. The blue seems better on bright days, the gold better at twilight.
    Take good care and they'll last a while. Wash in soapy water only, or use a plastic cleaner like vuplex.
  18. http://www.oxprod.com/index.php?pg=3&action=dept&id=28&pid=132&p=

    makes carrying a visor easy :)
    can also put it into a large footy sock and slide it down either the front or back of your jacket, fits snuggly around your waist.
  19. As forsaken said, i have a nice orange hi def one which i find great in the city at all hours, not so good for the open road at night. For open road riding on a bright day i'm ordering a reflective gold one, about $60 US on rider's discount.