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New video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by christrails, Aug 28, 2012.

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  2. please, put in a bit more effort than just dumping your own youtube clips on Netrider;
    - 13 minutes of unedited video
    - no effort in the Title
    - no effort in the Post
  3. -No effort in the video
    -No effort in the quality of anything

    outright boring in my eyes sorry

    Theres alot of tutorials on how to edit a video using a certain program be it sony vegas or movie maker :)
  4. I don't think that the video should be judged because I posted this thread at 5:24AM

    Solid judgement/10

    EDIT: also I post on netrider as often as possible, not just for youtube clips lol, I just finally got round to recording another ride session.
  5. See the thing is, there is no need to edit it. The video doesn't need cc or any of that, I hate watching videos like that so I don't do that stuff.

    I leave it raw because I got hate and had to close my other channel for editing videos. I have vegas, premiere and after effects, none were used for this video or any other non go pro ones from me because hardly anyone watches them anyway.
  6. *bangs head on table* i wanted it to be a good video...so i could speak against the others hating on you...but for me the fact that the camera isn't even with you whilst riding so you rarely see what's going on...poor effort

    on a lighter note - nice bike tho.
  7. I don't have a go pro yet :(

    Thanks I guess?
  8. ah well in that case i can't hate....being a traillie i wouldn't risk my iPhone recording shit like i do on the zzr
  9. @OP....

    You've posted this exact same footage previously.....

    Mods - I reckon close thread......
  10. No I haven't? dude I think I would know my own video. look at the upload date of the video. Why is everyone hating me all of a sudden? I post a video link at 5 in the morning and you all rage at me?
  11. Ah don't sweat it bud....all's good, hopefully your next video is better.
  12. you asked for comments, you have got some honest comments...

    good luck with your next vid...
  13. OP - don't worry about it. For a 5am post I'm surprised it didn't included drunken monkeys having sex with hamsters whilst riding bicycles.

    Just close the thread and move on.

    It is only Netrider after all
  14. Honest comments? dude they are critiquing the post more than the video.

    I can't put those in there, nudity XD
  15. The edited version....

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