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Featured New video review: Triumph Speed Triple S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Sep 28, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    I spent a month with this fella.

    By the way, Gizmag is dead, long live New Atlas! (not my choice but I've come to like it)

    Video now plays on our own site instead of YouTube - we might finally be able to spin a dollar out of these videos if we can get on top of things. Let me know how it streams for you.

    The 2011 Speed Triple R reduced Loz to a dribbling idiot. The 2016 model is faster, tighter, more compact, smarter and much more refined. It's a grown-up three-cylinder hooligan machine most riders will be able to extract the best from on the street ....

    Video road test: Triumph's Speed Triple takes a great leap forward
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  2. Well, I'm a bit sad to read that Gizmag is no more. Good that it doesn't mean the end of your reviews though! Another excellent one, I really do enjoy them.

    I like triples in both engine notes and concept of road performance and usability. If I lived in a city this sort of bike would be ideal. When will the day come though, that cruise control is standard on all bikes above a price-point of, say, $15K?! Especially when it is on other bikes in a manufacturer's line-up!

    The video started streaming well but then the video stuttered and stopped while the audio continued on, blithely unaware that it was no longer in the company of it's visual sibling. I'm using Chrome on a PC but via an poor-quality ADSL connection - YouTube is mostly OK though.
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  3. Thanks for the feedback, I'll pass it on!
  4. Thanks for that.

    About the same price as my Brutale 800rr - LozLoz - how does the Triumph compare to the new MV's?
  5. Click on the 'HD' symbol in the bottom left and select a lower video quality? Most players are good and picking the correct mode when in 'auto'.
  6. To my shame I haven't tested the new Brutale yet. I've ridden a few of the MV 800s though, I suspect yours will feel lighter, turn nicer and look specialer than the Speed Trip. The Triumph will probably be more comfy, more practical and faster outright with better electronics, and if I had free rein to fcuk with the suspension I bet I could get it cornering perfectly as well.
  7. Yeah I'd have thought it should do that sort of thing for you.
  8. Thanks, I tried that and it improved the playback up to a similar point where the same thing happened; I typically have to do the same for YouTube videos and set them to either 360p or 480p. I would qualify my remarks regarding playback with the fact that my connection is intermittently poor - it is probably fine for most other people.
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  9. Another enjoyable review LozLoz :)
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  10. The vid was fine for me - and i'm on wireless.

    Nice write up Loz - i look forward to the young 'un serving me up my fries.
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  11. Another great, informative and entertaining review LozLoz, video ran fine for me
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  12. so strange hearing the familiar intro music but seeing the new atlas intro. Great work as always Loz (y)
  13. Blurdyawesomevidyo Loz. And no stuttering problems here. Mind you my internet connection is almost as impressive as my
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  14. Mini-Loz is pretty damn adorable.
  15. THIS BIKE reduced Loz to a dribbling idiot????? Folks that happened years ago!!!!!! :LOL:

    Your best test yet, old mate (y)
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  16. As always LozLoz a great video review..

    2 things..

    Is this the new


    Secondly.. Are you looking at doing an MT-10 review in the near future!


    Yeah he can stay.

    I cannot confirm or deny.

    Not for me. The KTM 1290 wheelies in fourth gear while being faultlessly comfortable and amazingly easy to ride, it's hard to recover from that.

    I've got nothing in the calendar right now, I've got a teetering stack of stories to write from the trip I just took to the USA and I'd better get through those before loading myself up again!
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  18. I just re-watched the review video at work on a good connection; no problems at all in HD. (y)
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  19. gday LozLoz, the vid ran fine on my pc at max resolution. I'm using a wireless router with cable to the house. no pauses or jumps, all good.

    great review btw, not sure how you shift in the seat while cornering and don't mess up the commentary - does it sometimes take a few 'takes' or is that a trade secret? would love to see a mix of your outtakes, reckon they would be a hoot!

    nice bit of spin-doctoring regarding the Triumph pun but didn't get me fully convinced, lol.

    subbed to your newsletter.
  20. I'm a complete noob to bikes now but I must say your review style is excellent. Much more entertaining than most bike reviews that I've looked at (and I reckon I looked at about 150+ videos when trying to choose a beginner bike :) ) Great work
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