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New Vic Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GurnardSam, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Hello. I'm a new rider from Vic in the Malvern/Camberwell area.
    would like to ride with anyone anytime..and I guess I'm off to the learner sessions at the near ocean place on saturday..

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  2. Welcome to the madhouse
  3. welcome!
  4. Welcome to the nuthouse :)
  5. Welcome, Sam. Been riding long?
  6. not even a week :eek:
  7. Keep it rubber side down for the next week and turn up to practice at Elwood next Saturday mate. You'll meet plenty of decent people, maybe an indecent one or two. Have a crack at the cones if you're up to it, or just have a chat, it's all good.
  8. by rubber side down, I take it you mean don't go doing any backflips or the like?
    and of what cones do you speak of :eek:

    Also, I'm riding to work tomorrow, but I have the feeling the weather will limit riding the coming week anyway
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  9. Yep, keep the tyres on the road.
    Cones are at Saturday practice.
    .....and welcome to NR :)
  10. being 100% honest I don't want to not have the tyres on the ground.. I currently cannot afford repairs / insurance excess due to the bike :shifty: Hence why I frustrated traffic crossing some tram tracks in the wet at near walking pace :D
  11. If the tyres aren't on the ground, it means some other part of the bike is...like a fairing etc. definitely want tyres on the ground.

    Nothing wrong with taking it easy over tram tracks - those bastards are tricky, particularly when wet.

  12. yeah, I'd also like to remain as unharmed as possible, so I think those tyres will be the only thing touching the road :p
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  13. Welcome to the asylum mate(y)
  14. hehehehehehehe,he
  15. Welcome to NR!