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New Vic Rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by srsbsns, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Hi there,

    I am Glenn, 30 years old and live in Melbourne.
    I have been riding (road) for nearly 2 years and would like to do two things,
    1) find some people to ride with
    2) sell my bike and upgrade to something a bit bigger.

    on the other hand, If I find some other supermoto riders to ride with, I might have to keep it!

    I ride a 2011 KLX250sf, I should have listened to everyone who told me not to buy a brand new learner bike as I will want to upgrade in a year or two anyways.. so I guess I will sell it for a lot less than I paid.
    Here's a pic of it anyways.


    In the mean time, I will look at the forums and see how things progress.

    Cheers, Glenn
  2. Nice lookin bike Glenn, if you got $6250 Mouth is selling a bmw 800 in the bieks for sale section, check it out, list yours there too if you wanna sell.
    by the way, welcome to NR :)
  3. did someone say supermoto?? i like that idea.

    theres supermoto meet ups in melb the first friday of every month at the royal standard hotel.
  4. thanks, I will check it out!
  5. be quick though thats a damn cheap price..
  6. I would love to, but like everyone else I don't have the cash to burn right now. Even if I sell my bike I will only have about $5000 + wife will kill me
  7. welcome to NT!! im looking for other rider as well to ride with..
  8. Well.. I guess I don't mess around. Just picked up an 08 SV650 today.. When I heard her rumbling through the staintune it was love at first sound.

  9. Hi Glenn and welcome to NR. Nice bike.