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New Vic member, aspiring to ride - purchases recommendations?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tanjian, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. G'day

    Looking to acquire Ninja 250 for 1st bike - for someone who has never ridden or bought a bike, which stores or dealers are recommended?

    I see from the forum Sumoto may not be my best option.

  2. Well, where do i start..

    So you haven't ridden a bike yet? if its what you wish to do.. perhaps get some lessons at the various places that teach you to ride a bike.
    Then.. when you are ready to purchase.. do you have a price range on the bike you wish to own? are you looking for a brand new bike or are you happy with second hand, there is plenty out there that have been looked after and cheap.

    Dealers... they will charge you top dollar if your negotiating skills are lacking, i suggest to buy privately.. since you don't have your license yet or haven't ridden a bike.. you can't test ride anything from a dealer or even privately.. because i doubt anyone will let an unlicensed rider on their bike.
    um.. please provide a bit more information as to why you are after a ninja.. i know they're a popular bike.. but not necessarily the best or suited to what you need it for.. which is what exactly?

    A commuter or the occasional weekend ride?
    But first things first.. i would be getting some lessons and practice in.. and go for your l's then start looking for bikes.. there is no point in buying a bike you can't ride yet..

    More information please.
  3. Thanks for the detailed response.

    Driver for riding is commute to Cbd 60 km roundtrip 5 days a week
    Never ridden
    Had some initial pre learner time on cbr125 which I enjoyed

    Ninja just seemed more interesting for commute and weekend riding... But I'm more than open to suggestions
  4. Oh and costs new vs old... I think safe is to primary criteria ;)

    If I can get a good deal private great, any shops or mechanics offer inspections (I.e. fee for inspect as part of purchase?)
  5. So you have ridden then..

    Commuting okay.. that's a start..
    Have you done any courses on learning to ride.. since you haven't had much experience?
    what exactly do you mean by pre-learner time on the cbr?
    Are you booked in for your learners etc..

    Price range? how much have you got to spend... including gear.
    And insurance obviously get full comp.

    EDIT: What exactly do you mean by safe is to primary criteria.. used bikes are fine.. if they have been looked after and maintained.. in a sense your brand new bike is used as soon as you ride off the lot.. there's nothing unsafe about buying a used bike.
  6. bikesales.com.au ? others have asked he same question have you researched the site yet?
  7. No learning to ride courses yet, probably over next couple of weeks
    Per learners are 2 hr courses on braking and throttle control

    Price open to suggestion, looks like the rough math is

    4000-5000 for newish bike
    1500 gear?
    1000 insurance?
  8. Goodie thanks yeah reading through all this great info (as evidenced by the Sumoto comment) but just wary of buying private with no real professional advice...
  9. Thats what i thought you meant.. basically you just had a play on a bike.. so you have some experience under your belt, not going into the course blind.


    Your prices are good.. that won't get you a new ninja.. you could get a second hand one for about your range.. maybe less, gear is spot on.. might not be that expensive.

    As goddie said.. for used/new etc..

    You have numerous options.
    Trading post
    The bikes for sale section on this forum.

    Do a bit of research on the ninja.. and other 250's, there is numerous choices for a bike, you don't need to choose whatever everyone else is riding.. its upto the individual, is it going to be enough power for the commute? is it too small if you're 7 feet tall etc..
    Each person is different and each bike is different, each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

    So since you have a sort of clear idea on what you can spend and what you need the bike for.. search this forum.. search google.. book your learners, learn as much as you can.. before you jump straight into picking a bike.. you can't test ride anything yet.. so it pays to do the learners soon.
    Then work on which bike you're after.. i can't recommend a bike for you because everyones different, you need to test ride them yourselves.. then go from there.

    But you have a starting point anyway and good luck!

    EDIT: Buying privately:
    There's nothing wrong with it.. you'll usually spend less money..
    i got an 09 gs500 with **** all k's on it and only one older gentleman owner who barely rode it and looked after it regularly got it serviced..
    for $4000 (the guy wanted 4.5k for it, when some of the bikes i looked at where in the 5-6000$ range.. and had more klms.

    You just need to do your research, you obviously don't know much about motorbikes which is fine.. ring around the local motorbike dealers and ask them if you can get an inspection done on the used bike you want..
    or find someone who knows a lot about bikes to check it for you.. i had my dad double check everything after i had test ridden it, hes ridden bikes for 30 years so i had his knowledge to make sure i didn't get f/ucked over.

    Buying from a dealer doesn't necessarily mean you're going to get the dogs bollocks.. ie sumoto.. they're useless and sell crap, yet people constantly buy their crap..
    One step at a time.. do your learners so you can test ride bikes, don't buy a bike you haven't ridden.
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    Ninja 250's are a good bike, however being fully faired they can be expensive to repair if you drop it. You may want to check out VTR250's and CB400's both are cracking learner bikes, no fairings means less expensive repairs if you do drop it and the more upright riding position will give you a better view in traffic.
  11. so true!! on ANY bike you buy, get yourself OGGY nobs or sliders
  12. Thanks all, I'll be sure to update this thread when I purchase...
  13. check the 'bikes for sale' on this site you might get luck with a pre loved bike, again, depending on your choice of beast
  14. Hi Tanjian and welcome to NR.

    There are quite a few "which bike is best " threads and you could do worse than tralw through them to check the various comments.

    At the end of the day the correct answer is "it depends..."

    Some people like sports bikes, some people like cruisers. Some people like faired and some like naked. Some bikes might be better but then they may also cost more. Then there is you, You may be a 2m tall 200 kg gorilla or a 150cm 45 kg slip of a thing. Some bikes may fit you better than others.

    Research as much as you can to find out what works for other people and why and try to work out if that will also work for you. Sit on as many bikes as you can and if you can test ride them.

    Sooner or later one will speak to you.