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New VIC learner rider checking in

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mopoke, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. I've been lurking for a while; I'm 3 weeks into my solo riding adventure now and thought I should introduce myself. It's only taken me 38 years to get into this game.

    I'm based in the SE suburbs of Melbourne and riding a CBF250. My plan is to start commuting into the CBD but I'm taking it slowly. Yesterday was my first peak hour traffic as far as the station and back again in the evening. Next step is to head into the CBD and back when it's a bit quieter. Then I intend to put the two together and give it a go in peak hour.
  2. Welcome, you'll never look back :cool:
  3. Hey mate, you and me both for the 38 year thing!
    I'm just in Cheltenham (East side of Warrigal Rd) if you fancy meeting for some practice anytime - I should actually be getting my bike this week.
  4. What are you getting? I'm just around the same area - in Heatherton. Definitely up for some practice!
  5. Getting a '12 CB400 - And yes, practice is always good!
  6. Welcome mopokemopoke
    I was actually older when I started riding. Never too late.
  7. Just saw the pic you posted; nice looking bike. I've been doing some practice around the back roads off warrigal road, also around the voltri St industrial area.
  8. Both of you, report to Saturday practice immediately for some excellent tips and training. Plus meet s bunch of like minded riders. Look for the Saturday practice thread....
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  9. welcome aboard :)
  10. Agree. Check out the Saturday practice thread and come along. If you want an escort, post a request in that thread and someone will ride there with you...

    Welcome :)
  11. I wish I could, but I work 3 out of 4 saturdays :(
  12. Welcome mopoke :)
  13. Welcome to NR...

    +1 to Saturday practice...

    And remember, under the helmet we're all 21.

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  14. Thanks everyone for the welcome. I'm hoping to make it to Saturday practice one week.
    Meantime my big milestone for the day was doing a dry run for my morning commute. By far my longest ride to date and I tackled a couple of faster roads too. Pretty pleased.
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