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New [VIC] 250 rider (new pics)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by BattleSausage, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Hooray, obtained my learners here in melbourne about 2 weeks ago. And three days ago i picked up my first bike ever, a 2005 Honda VTR250. I've put 183km on it so far and am loving it, except the whole riding in 6*c mornings

    I ride the eastern every morning to richmond so if you see me wave or something, oh god i crave recognition :?




    im 6'7 so if anyone wants comedy riding position pics just ask :/
  2. Congrats :)

    If i see you i will wave :LOL:
  3. Well done, Noice bike by the way :wink: Have fun!!

    Oh and welcome to the forum :)
  4. welcome buddy, nice looking bike, see ya round one day
  5. nice bike!!!

    congrats.. hey.. since yours is the latest post I have read with pics. hwo do you post pics on here?. I have no Idea how to do it?
  6. congratulations- i do eastern end to end in the opposite direction will wave if i catch you. Hope you enjoy.
  7. Hey BattleSausage, welcome to the forums and the wonderful life of owning a bike. Rolla and I don't live that far from you so if we see you out on the road, we will be sure to wave :grin:
    BTW, I had to delete one of your pics as forums rules state only 3 pics per post ;)
    Check out the T's and C's of the forums to find out any other rules of the forums you may have missed ;)
  8. Nice bike, and well done! Pretty brave tacking the Eastern just after getting your L's :)
  9. Well done mate nice bike, just wait till you try the Monash :shock:
  10. Great choice. What sort of tyres are they? Did they come with the bike when it was brand new?

    Great colour, it would sooo go with my helmet!!
    Good luck and have fun, it's a marvellous learning curve.
  11. ha the eastern is a piece of cake, i had to ride this bad boy from bundoora to nunawading when i bought it. after 6 hours total on a bike and no more than 25km/hr that was one hell of a ride :/
    no scary moments... oh except when i shifted down into first in a corner and compression locked the rear and slid :shock: recoved it though :cool:
  12. Congrats, nice bike you got there. I don't do early morning eastern freeway commute these days but have fun splitting on those cages right before and along hoddle st. exit all the way up to punt rd. :)

    See you on the road, sorry but I will not wave at you, I'll definitely give you the "nod" though ;).

    Keep it safe out there.
  13. Hey man,

    Where in Richmond do you work? I work in on Burnley Street, so if youre up for a bit of a ride one night after work give me a yell.
  14. Yeah that sounds good, be good to ride with another 250, riding with the guy here at work with his brand new CBR1000RR makes me sad :(

    I work across the road from Ducati on church St. :eek:

    You wouldnt happen to ride down Swan St would you? seen a few ZZRs there , but then again there is alot of couriers in Richo.
  15. Hey BattleSausage, did the screen make much difference? How much was it? Was it worth it? Did it go on easy?
  16. Nice bike, hope you didn't pay TOO much for it.
  17. Congrats on the bike and the learners. I've got my L for nearly 1 month now and been practising around the neighboorhood.. I am not as brave as you to tackle the Eastern that early.. But was thinking of doing it one day this week.. What time do you head down Eastern? I live not far from you but have to pass by Nuna to go to Eastern... Can possibly ride to the city with you one day...
  18. pete- the screen makes a little difference, especially on the wind blast to my abdomen, but your still pretty much hammered by the wind. it does provide something to lay down behind when getting pretty fast, but as VTRs dont really do well over 150 theres not much point laying down.
    the screen cost $157 as an original honda part and i got redwing to fit it during her 10k service, but it looks very easy to fit, just clamps onto the headlight bracket. Id say its worth it just for looks! i like the old school naked look it gives it.

    scottatron- i paid $6700, for an 05 with 7k on the clock with staintune included i reckon that was a good deal!

    cash- i get on the freeway at around 8.30 at the latest as it takes 25mins to get to Richmond, i would suggest leaving earlier than that as im not sure if you would want to lane split the end of the freeway and hoddle.
    send us a PM if you want to arrange a freeway ride. its not as scary as you think! i did it after having the bike for 2 days! as long as you keep an eye on the cages and protect your buffer zone you can stay very safe.
  19. Good stuff, enjoy it :)