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New VFR1200 - VFR1200T and VFR1200X

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by firetiger, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. anyone seen any of these new bikes supposedly about to hit the market soon?

    in particular, the VFR1200T (Tour Model).... im interested to know what features it has on it.. like cruise control? heated grips? tyre pressure display etc etc etc...

    i hear that the straight VFR1200 pulls 200hp and can switch two cylinders off.. same motor in all three bikes but just tuned differently...

    i was thinking about buyine an ST1300 but have been uninspired by its lack of touring options... but this new 1200T looks awsome in the scetches.. and with that motor in it, or be it detuned, it would still go hard wouldnt it? hmmm... vroom vroom!!!! :grin: :grin:
  2. It's all speculation atm, Honda are saying NOTHING apart from confirming that details will be made available later this year during the European show season.

    MCN notwithstanding, are continuing to publish so-called authoritative "renderings" of that the bikes are supposed to look like, but the only real, fair dinkum information is contained in picture form only from the "spy" shots taken in Death Valley in the USA on the 26th June.

    These photos are intriguing more for what they conceal than what they reveal.

    Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see and you'll probably be pretty safe.
  3. Is that the shaftie that's replacing the Blackbird?
  4. Yep.

    The touring version is supposed to have auto transmission as one of its features. Maybe just as an option, or maybe that's just another rumour.

    One thing seems pretty certain to me: if Honda only announces details later on this year, it will be at least another two years before these bikes actually appear in Australia.
  5. Unlikely. They are due to be released in September and in the showrooms (Europe and USA) in early 2010. Expect mid 2010 here.

    Honda will ensure that the new bike hits all markets pretty much at the same time. Despite its small size, the Auxtralian market is regarded ad being very important to the Japanese manufacturers.
  6. They have a funny way of showing it... to give you just one example, current Fireblade was available in friggin' Botswana for a good couple of months before it finally appeared in Australia. I remember posting a comment about that on this very forum.
  7. talking to a guy in the industry, he read in that Motorcycle News that you see in motor bike shops that the bike is already in production to be released in Australia in the first half of the year, 2010..

    this is an official sketch released by Honda but coloured by a magazine

    2010-honda-vfr1200t--4_800x0w. ... fkn awesome i reckon :grin:
  8. Looks like a big scooter :shock:
  9. The picture above is NOT sourced from Honda, it is another of MCN's Photoshop jobs. It's plainly a "lash-up" job using parts and sections of other bikes and is so fundamentally flawed as a design that it's laughable.

    For example, how is the rider supposed to see in his mirrors when they are straight behind the handlebars?

    The riding position is bolt-upright, with no room for the rider to change position while riding.

    Experts on the various VFR forums have picked this "design" to bits over the last few weeks.

    As I said, believe nothing of what you hear or see until the things are released.

    And believe NOTHING that you read in MCN.
  10. I hope you're right rc36 :)
  11. Honda are trying to create a new class in the same way they did with the first fireblades, so they wont be releasing sneak previews until they're seriously ready.

    I really hope they do have multiple variations eg a touring version and a sports version - if they lump the two together like the VFR800 I'll be very disappointed. Maybe it'll be at least on the sport side of sport touring [-o<
  12. I wish they'd hurry up. I need to know if owning one as my next bike is to be my all-consuming goal over the next few months. It makes me work and save harder.
  13. Mate, you and me both. There are thousands of VFR fans world-wide who are holding their breaths at the moment.
  14. Like all VFR true believers I've been waiting years for the next "proper" VFR upgrade.

    That was until I saw this little bolt-on upgrade: http://vfrworld.com/forums/modifications/21203-performance-supercharger-kit-5th-gens.html

    A 160hp from only 781cc via a supercharger? That my friends is motorcycle p0rn with leather, stirrups and midgets with paddles.

    Unless the 1200 is something truly epic I'll continue with the old girl and save up to the ultimate bolt-on toy kit. Besides, having a Tuono takes the edge off the need for another bike just yet
  15. I have followed this experiment for years. He is now marketing them as a "bolt-on" (as distinct from a "strap-on :LOL: :LOL: ) but, at $US5000+, I won't be getting one any time soon. Of course, one wouldn't do me any good anyway, as they are designed for the 5th Gen. :cry:
  16. Why would anyone waste their hard earned money trying to get power out of a little motor when they can just go out and buy a bike with a bigger motor in it that already gives you the same or better power… ??

    Its ridiculous… you are putting undue stress on a motor that’s not built for high power and in all likelihood will blow it up.. its like young silly boys that try and soup up their 6 cylinders to try and keep up with V8… hell, just buy a bloody V8 in the first place… :roll:

    Anyways, in the mean time, I have written to the Honda sales team and have told them of their short coming on a number of their motor cycles and how they are falling behind their competitors in both features and pricing… lol :grin: … this is to try and get some information early information out of them to the possible release of upcoming motorcycles etc.. hope it works!!

    By the way, I didn’t say that that picture was released by Honda.. I said the sketches were released by Honda… the magazine simply coloured them in..
  17. At over 5,000 U$, I'd have to agree. The only reason I can see is if you REALLY want to fly under the radar, because this particular kit is for the 5th Gen VFR - the ones from early 2000s. Great bikes though they might be, they look kind of frumpy today and no-one is likely to give them a second look.
  18. You're both missing the point. Any show pony can go buy this year's latest 1000cc jap bike and lay claim to being the fastest/best in corners/prettiest lad at the cafe.

    That's not the point of a blower on a VFR. The point is playing around with a bike you love and getting more out of it, just like a hot rod. If impressing others with a stat sheet is the point then off you go, if serious performance mods just for the sake of the giggles it brings is your thing then enjoy.

    The mod has been proven to be safe - over two years running one on the test mule is a good indication of it's integrity.

    The only downside is the cost. Five large is a lot in $Oz let alone $US.
  19. And I replied that the "sketches" aren't genuine Honda release because Honda hasn't released ANY information yet.
  20. Its fken ugly even by BMW standards ,but as RC36 says its only a mock up thing so dont worry to much .
    The screen look very much like the one the FJR , the mirrors probably arent that poorly placed , have a gander at the GTR 14 they are under the bars so you get a good view of whats behind not your elbows.
    I would also say it would have to have the obligatory USD front end when it is released.