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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by StRider, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Finally we get to see Honda's replacement for the Blackbird and the VFR


  2. Sharp looking bike.. better than the cbr imo.
  3. wow, looks good.....but wonder how much useless crap they can mount on this one..... :( guess time will tell
  4. Is that a photo or a mock-up?

    As for useless shit, it'll start with that bastarding combined ABS brake-by-wire stuff. They're also talking about semi-automatic sports shift auto transmissions with no clutch levers.
  5. Well, it's been a long time coming. You can probably preview some information on the bike from it's patent release, about 12 months ago: http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/N...vfrrevealedinnewmotorcyclepatent/?R=EPI-93661

    It looks like the 'Blackbird' version is the VFR1000GT (blue bike on the mag cover). Notice the differences ... the larger and more comfy seat, the higher screen, the lower pillion footpegs, the shape of the tank, the front fender, the sidebags of course ...

    Personally I believe Honda will get the brake-by-wire / ABS system right before they fit it, they typically do things pretty well despite the criticism of all the 'experts' out there :wink:
    I had linked brakes on the old Blackbird, and they were great. A mate has ABS on his K1200S, and it has saved him a few times ... Let's see what the finished product is like.
  6. The cgi'd image looks like shite, l found this one which l think is probably closer to the mark and with the underseat exhausts looks a lot cleaner.

  7. Fark that, can you imagine the amount of useless riders that will produce???
  8. That's the CGI job there - that photo has been doing the rounds for a couple of years now.

    I'm sure the brake system will work fine for its intended purpose - which is to steady the forward rotational forces under heavy braking by adding rear brake. This squats the rear down a bit and makes for a safer stop in the hands of f*cking numpties who can't work out how to use both brakes. It inherently makes stoppies more difficult, and causes extra maintenance when it comes to brake bleeding, not to mention the extra cost.

    It's one of those things that's all well and good and there's people who will want it, but there's also people who will view it as a waste of money, weight and time, and an unwanted extra. And it won't be an optional extra, it'll be standard.


  9. I like the gentleman on the top-right who instead of having hands raised to boo and heckle, appears to be stroking his chin in quiet contemplation instead.
  10. "Hmmmm, shall I shout "you kick like my granny" or "chewy on ya boot" this fine afernoon?"
  11. any ideas of what one could expect to pay for such a machine?
  12. So Loz whats your own personal experience riding VFR's with linked brakes or are you one of those "F*ck$ng Numpty" Cumandsuckme riders who pi$$e$ in the wind with no idea why your getting wet
  13. :shock:
  14. this should be good
  15. You're new here, aren't you coda???
  16. Whilst I'm quite interested in the new VFR, I also can't help noticing the bit down the bottom about the new VTR.... i thought they were discontinuing this line??
  17. I've used linked brakes on 2 VTEC VFRs and a few Blackbirds. I've ridden plenty of bikes and I know what I like.

    If you like linked brakes, good for you, Honda's planning to eventually fit the Combined ABS system to all their road bikes so you can run around not skidding and not stoppying as much as you like. Have fun with that. I saw a special on those orange reflective vests the other day.
  18. I think you will find that all of those images / specs are enitely fiction.


    EDIT For starters, CB1000R swing arm, CBR1000RR rear cowl and front forks, VFR fariing, CB1000R butchered headlight. it looks so wrong!
  19. :LOL: love both posts......hahaha.....

    do actually agree with you though loz, fcuk off the linked brakes, next they will add a little support stand to save you having to put your feet down at traffic lights..... :roll:
  20. Glad to hear you have had the experience which makes your opinion valid, unlike a lot of people who just think they can pass judgement on a system without a clue

    By the way does the orange reflective vest look good on the Kawasaki's