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New VFR owner in Parra

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cozzmo, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. Hi all.

    Picked up a '97 VFR750F today & live around Parramatta.

    First bike i have had for a few years and feels good to be back on it. Just a recreational ride as i have to drive a car for work day to day. Look forward to doing some reading of the info on here.

    Went on a little ride down south through the national park to stanwell tops, great day for it. On the way back north only 1 idiot that put himself into a guard rail right in front of me after overtaking at some silly speed. Minor incident, he rode away, but i bet his leg is sore and the left side of his bike will be worse for wear!

  2. Hi, and welcome!

    I ride a VFR12 and was also in the Nasho this afternoon.
  3. Welcome, and, good bike choice.
    I did about 600 Kms today on my 1995 model, and turned over 100,000 Kms half-way between the Grey Gum Cafe and Wilberforce on the way home...
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  4. How about the wind today, I got smashed between oberon and Goulburn.
  5. Yes, just crazy too down through Windsor and all the way home to Shellharbour. The only respite was Mt Ousley Road, glad to be home. (Plus it was quite chilly on the way up at 5:30am!)
  6. Welcome to the nut-house! I'm also a VFR man. My old 5th-gen was at about 117,000k's when I replaced it, and my "new" 5th-gen is coming up for 22,000k's.

    You might also want to join the OzVFR forum. There are quite a few VFR owners in the Sydney area on there, including a couple of guys with FrankenViffers (AB and zRoYz).
  7. Hey guys,

    What are your opinions on the VFR400R NC30?

    The Brutale is very thirsty on petrol, and that's my ride for weekend blasts, but I'm considering the NC30 as my city/commuting bike with the occasional track day. Would it be a good bike for that, or is it more geared for the twisties & track?
  8. It's probably better for the twisties and track, methinks, but I'm quickly approaching "middle age", so the riding position is a bit too aggressive for my aching bones for commuting.
  9. Thanks guys.

    The wind yesterday was pretty brutal (albeit nice to have a breeze given the bite in the sun). Got blown around a bit on the way home in the more open parts but enjoyable first ride out none the less.

    First order of business is to sort out the little things that need doing (such as tyres & brakes).
  10. whats your height/weight? I've got an nc30 but I wouldn't reccomend it if you're over 185cm or 75kg
  11. I'm pretty short at 170cm, but have an athletic build at 79kg's.

    I read about them being a little slow off the line, is that why you're asking about weight?

    I need it to be decent off the line after filtering to the front at lights.
  12. To be fair, most bikes are good off the line compared to 90% of cars and drivers.
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    Yep holy jesus, i went out to oberon and bathurst after going up bells line and it was fcuking just a wind blast all day, if you guys thought it was bad on your big proper vfr's imagine what it was like on a mini viffer.

    EDIT: a vfr400r off the line is very good, i weigh 80 kilos and mine is the older worse version and nothing besides proper 600/1000cc sport bikes or tourers etc can beat it in the traffic light gran prix, also they are very narrow which makes them great for filtering. But the engines often hate traffic on hot days so keep that in mind.
  14. NC30 has a very tall first gear, NC35 is much shorter so it's better off the line but you can use 1st gear on the NC30 to corner since it's closer to 2nd. I asked about the weight since the suspension isn't very adjustable and it comes set up for a rider around that weight.
  15. Soooooooooo finally got the bike back from service, had a few extra things needing doing which complicated things and a long weekend thrown in the middle of all that to extend the time for parts to arrive. Got it back and it feels great. Was a bit warm on the ride home yesterday but did a lap of the old pac to help start scrubbing in the new tyres. Hopefully get out on some more rides and just get more comfortable on the bike soon.
  16. did you use Action motorcycles?
  17. Nah wasn't them.

    I wasn't worried about the delay (although the weather was real nice a few weeks in a row), it wasn't the shops fault, i also couldn't get there to pickup as soon as it was finished which added a few more days to it.
  18. Replaced the RR with an FH020AA today, first start 14.35v charge voltage, another job ticked off the list.