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Myka Byka

New VFR 800

  1. Myka Byka submitted a new showcase item:

    New VFR 800

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  2. Nothing sounds nicer than a VFR with Staintunes.
  3. Love the colour
  4. Still a nice looking bike to me, love it in red
  5. Looks great, take the rego tag off now though ;)
  6. Loooooookin goood!
  7. I'd argue that a Ducati with Staintunes sounds better, but there is nothing like the sound of a V4 at full noise....mmmmmm
  8. #11 Incontinentia, Feb 14, 2014
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  9. Goddammit, I need a tissue...
  10. No photos seen /sob
  11. Was never a fan of them for a long time............. then I put in a stiffer rear spring, re-valved the shock and forks. Dropped the triple clamp down the forks 23mm and it's a totally different bike...... I might go as far as to say I like it now
  12. Thanks for the comments guys, can't give any feedback on the bike's ride/handling/ sound under acceleration etc because my lams license is still in place until monday week, not long now. Ride with a mate that has a ducati and the exhaust sound on it is great and lets cages know there are bikes around.
  13. Test rode one today. Loved it. The only issue is the screen didn't seem to protect me as much as the GS500f. The screen is a lot further back compared to my GS. Do many people put a double bubble screen on their viffers?