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New VFR - 1000cc this time

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Haggismaen, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. No photos unfortunately, only patent schematics that somebody found.

    Looks like they could be going either the traditional V4 configuration (apart from the size change) or a old MotoGP style V5.

    Some other things look pretty cool, two-part chassis with the engine providing much of the frame strength. I knew that the Blackbird was being phased out here, but I wasn't sure about its fate overseas, I'm guessing that the development of this VFR is to be its successor.

    Anyhow, if I was a richer man it would be tempting :). Alas.

    MCN has a full article on it here.
  2. They've been banging on about this for years, perhaps they're finally going to do it. I'd still be surprised if we saw it in 08, Honda aren't real quick to move with new models etc.
  3. +1 on both counts, Loz-man.
  4. Remember companies will often patent ideas just so they own them, and to prevent others from using them. Applying for a patent does not necessarily mean they will put that particular idea into production themselves.

    Having said that, Honda is REALLY overdue for some new models, so perhaps this time...
  5. 1000cc V4 for the VFR?? I wonder if this will be a similar donk to the speculated 08 v4 Blade?.

    If it's is true for the VFR, then from a manufacturering sense it make it cheaper to use the base design for the blade as well.

    Wait & see I suppose.
  6. geez, wonder how long honda can draw this process out for......i mean surely they either know if they want to build this sort of motorcycle or they don't....
  7. That'd be a smart move for Honda, they could just fit different fairings and fiddle with the suspension and geometry, and of course the single-sided swingarm.
  8. HONDA.............CHEAP????? ROFLMAO!!! Owning a new duc 1098 is cheaper than owning a bloody honda these days!
    VFR1000 would be ok IF....IF they ditch the bloody vtec. The cost on servicing vtec is outrageous! Then they talk about putting vtec into the next blackbird.....i wouldnt buy one! Think i would rather( and i cringe at this thought) buy a harley if honda goes that way.
    way too much to go wrong.
  9. Go to any VFR site and see the looooooooong lists of rumours and wish-lists regarding the next model. A 1000cc VFR is a wet dream for many a Honda fan. I myself have wanked on repeatedly that Honda needs to up it's game.

    It comes down to a marketing decision and what style of model line up they want. If the Blackbird gets the arse then you might see one otherwise expect another middle of the road offering that is already outdone by Triumph, et al.

    Honda is a slow learner and will wait until they see what other manufacturers have success with and then jump into that segment of the market and claim to be leading the way... :roll: :wink:
  10. :worthlesspics:

    So, here is one. :wink:

  11. Wow, finally a honda with some charisma. I like it!
  12. Noice. I'd hit it.
  13. wow....does anyone else think it looks like a long reach from the bars to the seat? Overall looks interesting
  14. BOING !!!!!!

    Tres Horny !!!

  15. I'd definitely get one as well... I wonder how much these will be going for.
  16. From the other VFR1000 thread that got locked :LOL:


  17. Wont see that in WSB. Not for a long while yet anyway. The new CBR was rumoured to be a V4 but that never happened. 2008 model details have been released in the US & no mention of capacity of the VFR -sounds suspiciously like it's going to be the same old same old :?
  18. There is a similarity to the blade. Could be a way to go. I was under the impression that honda were looking at it as a sports tourer but could be a nice replacement for the blade....
  19. I dunno... VFR is an all rounder and the bike on the first pic is hardcore racer... its either a concept or (god forbid!) a bloody good fake... and i can't see exhaust pipes :(