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New Valentino Rossi Game PC

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by KharmaKazi, Jun 21, 2016.

  1. just a cpl of Screenshots from the new Valentino Rossi Game.
    haven't had time to play too much so far, but so far the game seems great :)
    runs nice and smooth on my comp too (y)
    get to ride at his Ranch on the dirt bikes and some drifting at the ranch too :) "haven't done that one yet"
    graphics look pretty good as well as physics.
    "yes i'm a big old kid at heart" lol




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  2. do you get to kick people?
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  3. That was my first thought too! LOL
  4. no kicking lol, but i love how they bring the leg out like they do racing when coming up to a corner.
    also pissed a rider off the other night whilst trying to barge my way through the pack, and they turn around and give you a dirty look lol :p
    also has a ralley car too, but its not easy to drive...
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  5. Does he crash in the wet?
  6. Are there hot grid girls in the game as well? ;)
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  7. looks good. I haven't bought a game for a while, this might be my next one.
  8. So they gave you the old stink eye, hey?
  9. How is the actual riding? All motorbike games get it wrong, with the physics being used from car sims.
  10. he crashes in any weather when i take over Chillibutton ;)

    no hot girls unfortunately Lazy

    imo it's worth it Chilliman, only one problem iv'e found so far, is the game wont hold my controller settings after re-boot, but i'm sure they will fix that with a patch soon.

    yep he was very pissed at me Craig :p made me laugh when it happened, i wasn't expecting it.

    i find the physics ok Bj, but hey it's not perfect but pretty good imo for a game.
    i like it a lot better than MotoGp15. i haven't played a real lot lately as iv'e been a bit busy, still need to tweak the setting a bit...
    i'm not hardcore though either, i just play it for enjoyment and a bit of a laugh.
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  11. Jack's Win @ Assen :p

    Yeah baby...
    you lookin @ me !!!
    ooops ran of the track...
    High side recover :p
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  12. #12 AJV80, Sep 30, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2016
    Love this game, I tend to practice the track leading up to each round, try all the bikes and settings and see how quick I can set a lap.

    Motegi Ducati 1:45.9
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  13. #13 AJV80, Oct 1, 2016
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2016
    I'ts a shame they didn't include settings to select which one of Jacks english accents you want to use, Australian or Spanglish.
  14. Just got it today, handed over by BMWRXBMWRX

    Though I've got way too many games to playas the moment. So not sure when I'll be able to give it a decent crack. Playing in the ps4 FWIW.
  15. I have it on Pd4 swell, can you race against people online?
  16. You certain can. You will need to be PS4 friends to set up a match race though, I think.
  17. I still think the game would have been better if you could do the Rossi kick move, I feel a little robbed.

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  18. I don't understand whats so difficult about getting it right, Sega nailed it all those years ago!

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  19. Road Rash not being a current day blockbuster title is one of the world's greatest mysteries. That game was so so awesome on every single level.

    But wasn't it a Sony game? I remember playing it on PS1 and thinking how awesome the graphics of the road surface was.
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  20. It was on Mega Drive, not sure if it came out on SNES, but way before the PS1's time anyway.
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