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New V4 Honda sports bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Roarin, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Hope I've put this in the right section. Moderators feel free to move if not.
    Pretty sure it's not what the VFR faithful have been waiting for, as I'd imagine the typical VFR owner wanting a new sports bike just might not have a spare 120K burning a hole in their back pocket. He he he. Maybe a major down-specced model could be on the cards?

  2. What production requirements are there for homologation models?
  3. To qualify a production-based racebike for FIM homologations, manufacturers have to meet certain production thresholds. Manufacturers must first produce 125 units ahead of a homologation inspection. After that, manufacturers have to produce a minimum of 500 units by June 30 and 1000 units by December 31 of the current year, and a minimum of 2000 units by the December 31 of the following year.

    From here http://blog.motorcycle.com/2013/02/...superbike-racing-homologation-lists-for-2013/

    But, with Honda being Honda, I'd have a guess they might try to buy their way into it somehow :)
  4. From memory, aprillia's v4 was racing at least half a year before it was on sale.
  5. Geez, I'd be happy with a normal looking, upright naked which weighed less than the VFR / Crossrunner. The V4 is a great engine, just put it into something which doesn't look like a bloated jetski! :banghead:
  6. Checking the link provided would have helped you.
  7. What does a $120 000 superbike have anything to do with Honda putting out a reasonable looking upright naked with a V4 engine?
  8. about as much as vfr's, crossrunners and jetski's. Can we please not be daft about this?
  9. WTF Lilley?
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    It's pretty simple. thread is about a new v4 superbike. Not about tourers that no one has ever paid money for. As per the request "just put it into something which doesn't look like a bloated jetski", well clearly they have, which would have been seen if the link were opened.
  11. You're gonna be a cranky old bastard when you grow up...
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  12. There's a whole other thread about this from last year.
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  13. Thanks for the link to it. Really useful
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  14. And lets not forget about the Foggy Petronas. How many of them got sold to the public?
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    Actually I don't understand the concept of building a bike like this that nearly one will buy due to the price point.
    Wouldn't it be more profitable to make a V4 equipped superbike with a V4 engine and top notch suspension and brakes for around $30k-$35k and actually sell 10 times the volume to the general public rather than a rare piece of unobtainium that only a handful of tycoons would contemplate buying?
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  16. ... or just make a 1000cc replacement for the VFR800 and sell it for around $16,000 and sell them by the truckload???
  17. Would definitely think so, I suspect it's more for marketing reasons and being able to say this is the ultimate Honda. Price it to close to the blade and people will actually ride it and then start comparing them.
  18. I think honda is going to try to do what aprilia is trying to do. Thats is enter both wsbk and motogp with the same bike but different tech on board. It is possible as homologation sales are.not high. And as wsbk is going back closer to stock it would be easy for honda to build a v4 superbike, with decent suspension and electronics for wsbk and use the same frame engine config with uprated suspension, carbon brakes, electronics etc. This is what the ezpeleta wants to segregate the two classes and take wsbk back to stock. And remember homda have vast experience with v4 engines. Moreso than aprilia. I expect a killer bike, two versions exactly the same as previously stated. Much like the fact they had the the vfr750 amd the rc45 race bike. But covering two classes of racing. This would also make racing cheaper. Because lets face it yes the factories can research new tech but the fans want the racing spectacle and the spectacle can be achieved even on slower bikes as moto2 has shown us