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New users welcome

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Mouth, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. On behalf of the Admin, Moderators, and Members of Netrider we'd like to welcome you to the community. Our goal is to remain the leading resource and online community for Australian motorcycling.

    Please let me take this opportunity to highlight to you some of the functionality of Netrider that you may not yet be familiar with ...

    Forums - Of course, the most active and interactive module of Netrider. May I suggest you drop by the Welcome Lounge forum and create your first topic to introduce and tell us a little about yourself. It's a great way to get started. Stop by the Help | FAQ if you need some instruction or tips on the functionality and usage of the forums.

    Showcase - Highlight your bike(s) in the Garage and tell us your story about it/them. Add images into its gallery and include your general and technical information, as well as any modifications you've added. Visit the Garage homepage and see rankings of the top rated and most popular entries, as well as listing the most recent and latest updated entries.

    Directory - A "Yellow Pages" listing of motorcycling businesses and service providers relevant to Australian riders. Grouped by categories and sub-categories, it's a great way to locate a business or provider your looking for. If you are a business or provider, then please submit your own listing or if one already exists, then claim it and update its details.

    Resources - Some excellent and valuable articles and documents contributed to Netrider by writers and authors over the years. Check them out if you have not already done so. If you would like to contribute and have a structured article or document highlighted here, then please add your own.

    Blogs - Easily create your own blog or read others blogs. Blogs are a great way to keep a journal about your riding experiences and trips. Whether you're just getting started or have been on two wheels for many, many years it's a terrific way to record and share your thoughts in a linear fashion. Not sure on where to start or what to write - how about using it as a log of the services/maintenance/repairs your bike is lavished with?

    Events - An extensive calendar of rides and events for your to participate in and get out from behind the keyboard and meet new friends in person. Check what's coming up soon near you, and visit often so that you don't miss anything. We encourage you to add your own rides/events, or any that you are aware of to share them with the community. It's not just Netrider events, but any event that riders would be interested in.

    Help - A rose by any other name! More about Netrider, FAQs, Medals, Trophies, Smilies, Privacy Policy - its all here. Also check out the Site Discussion and Help forum or use the Contact Us page if you still don't have the answer you seek.

    Premium Membership - Taking your community involvement to the next level. For just the once-off price of a few coffee's you can become a Premium Member of Netrider and enjoy the good karma and increased functionality that comes with it. Not to mention your forum posts showing the notoriety of you being a Premium Member. Click on your username at the very top of the page, and choose the Account Upgrades option.

    We are happy to have you as part of our community, and hope you enjoy all that we offer. :happy:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.