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New user on netrider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Puplefish, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. Hey, just joined up. Gonna be living in Toowoomba in the new year.
    Just swapped my Suzuki m50 for a Honda CB900F. Learned how to ride on a CB250 so it feels like coming home again.

    Joined up because I've got no mates who ride (even though I'm doing my best to infect them with the two-wheel fever) and I want to start learning how to work on my bike more. I figure this'd be the place to ask questions and meet new peoples.

    Cheers guys and merry Christmas to all!
  2. G'day and welcome, PuplefishPuplefish, Merry Christmas to you.
  3. Welcome Puplefish, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for here.
    Toowoomba looked like an interesting place to me, with some good potential for riding.
  4. Cheers guys. Yeah, already have some roads around the town which I'm keen to check out once we get down there!
  5. Welcome! The big Hornet is a great bike and I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
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  6. Welcome Puplefish,
    We had good ride today. Catch up with Greggles when you arrive Toowoomba and come down the divide join the rest of us for some rides when have time.
  7. Welcome PuplefishPuplefish enjoy your move and your riding.
    Your bike is like a pet- always ready and waiting for you and good company.
  8. Hey there PuplefishPuplefish welcome and enjoy......Toowoomba huh, can't think of too many reasons to move there other than work!!!
  9. Welcome along, I'm not beyond riding as far as Toowoomba!
  10. Hi PuplefishPuplefish welcome aboard. mate if you're looking for a ride buddy I'm always willing to give up a day on pretty much any weekend to do a ride:p
  11. It doesn't crap on the carpet though.....
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  12. You make Mad Max nervous so he performs a carpet shitathon for you...
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  13. Yuup, girlfriend will be studying at Gatton and I'm at USQ so down to Toowoomba we go!

    I'll be sure to hit you up on that offer when we get down there, looking forward to exploring some of those roads and meet some good people!
  14. Motorbike riders are a generous lot PuplefishPuplefish, we are prepared to give freely of our time to help others.
  15. Welcome to the forum mate. Were mostly harmless!
  16. Speak for yourself ;) although I'm really only a danger to myself truth be known.:whistle:
  17. Welcome mate - what year is your bike? Used to have an '80's CB900F of my own way back when so have a soft spot for the beasties.