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new user nick just saying hello :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by potshots007, Jun 15, 2010.

  1. hey everyone, names nick, living up here in mildura....lol....im just starting out, going for me learners next week, and looking at a a zzr250 as my first bike...is that an ok bike? i was thinking maybe a cbr250 or something but the zzr250 is cheap.

  2. welcome, nick

    get a bike with a good radiator, whatever you get; it's hot in summer in Mildura (but you already know that :LOL:)
  3. welcome in Nick, u a tall/small heavy/light bloke, 250 might be to small for you
  4. Welcome mate!
  5. hey everyone...yeah very hot up here..lol but very cold at the moment for a change..im a very light bloke...maybe 65kg and maybe 180 tall...
    im also a motor mechanic but dont know much about bikes just yet, but i will learn...
  6. G'day Nick and welcome to Netrider..cool name you have, you MUST be a top bloke ;)
    All the best with you L's course and happy hunting for your first beast.
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    Nick is the best name ever welcome!
  8. Hi Nick. Welcome to the forummm. I'm sure your motor mechanic skills and knowledge will be highly valued around here.

  9. yeah motor meechanics is lots of fun....been into cars for years...now im learning with bikes...once i get one i can tinker with it.....
  10. Have a look at suzuki gs500 if u need that extra power
  11. Hi, I had a Cbr250rr and loved it!