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New User, New Bike, a thank you and some questions!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by u095538, May 11, 2009.

  1. Hi All.

    Just got my licence and my LAMS bike. I just wanted to jump on here and say thanks to ..YOU!

    It's because of all the quality posts here that I decided to get the bike I now have, a black 2006 Honda VTR250. I picked it up for $5500, with 4,700 kms on it. It has been dropped once but it must have been at < or = to walking speed after judging the minor damage.

    I am thoroughly enjoying my riding experience so far. I still can't do a full wheel-lock turn @ slow speed however I am practicing frequently along-side my emergency braking. It's part of my "just-about-to-hit-my-place/end-of-the-ride-practice-regime" ..of which the idea and contents came from all the quality posts here, again thank you.

    Aside from just blowing smoke up bums, I do have a few (i'm sure silly) questions:

    1) When leaning the bike over and making a turn, how low can I go? Or rather, can I lean the bike over so much so that I break tyre+bitumen contact?

    2) Are the VTR250s fuel injected, or carbie? the only info I can find on it is "Fuel System: VD10" and I have no idea what that means. (Source)

    3) I have heard people here mention a helmet docking/holding solution with the VTR250s. Some kind of strap or something that connects to both the helmet and a little knob-doobie under the seat. I've found the knob-thing under the seat however I don't have the strap or tool kit that comes with the bike. Does anyone have this thing? What does it look like? How does it work? Pics? (I have Google'd and what not, I really can't find any info myself :( ..Thanks!)

    4) The cotter road on the outskirt of Canberra is fun.

    Again, thanks to the forum as a whole. This site is a very valuable resource. It's a bloody wealth of information
  2. Welcome and good choice of bike. They're great. It has a choke so it is has carbies.
  3. Welcome, and congrats on the purchase.

    Yes, you can lean too far - depending on the speed you're going you will lose traction when the centrifugal force of the bike going around the corner overpowers the friction between your tyres and the road. This happens much sooner of course in the wet. There is butt-loads of discussion about cornering techniques on here (look in New Riders for lots of helpful info) but basically you just have to get out there and do it. Get used to leaning the bike a little at first, then as you get more comfortable/confident increase the angle bit by bit. By the time you get near the max lean angle for your bike/tyres (not that great with skinny 250 tyres, but it will feel like a long way at first!) you will know about it and have the composure to correct. Hopefully.

    Yes, VTR250 is carburetted

    Can't help you with bits for the VTR, hopefully someone who has one can shed some light.

    Yes, the Cotter Rd is fun
  4. Another new rider here with a new bike (picked it up yesterday) - also a VTR250 :D 2003 model, though.

    The 2009 model is fuel injected, but that won't be out here until about July/August, last I heard. It is the first model to have fuel injection.

    There is suppose to be a little wire to hang the helmet from, but if you don't have the tool kit, you probably won't have the wire. I don't think I have it on mine either.

    Here is the relevant page from an older (1999 i think) manual: imgur. com/2y7Qz.png (apparently i can't post links, so take the space out)
  5. Thanks for the replies guys!

    I now know it is a carbie. The pic is great too. I think i'll just play around with my helmet + straps until I get something workable. The pic gives me the general idea.

    Oggy knobbs are comming next week. I'll do an install with plenty of documentation, pics and vids (of tricky bits if needed). That way I can have something else to contribute. I checked the 'garage' part of this BBS and there are a few people with VTR 250s. Only one with oggy knobbs so a few people could benefit maybe.

    DarkHorse, thanks for the lean info. Is it easy to lean too far? have you ever leant too far down? I guess the only real way of knowing is to film yourself, have a look and /see/ how much further you've got maybe.

    Thanks again for the replies guys.
  6. Heres an easy way to find out.

    Go to a quiet carpark late at night, a big one, and do a circle at about 30 kph. Slowly, slowly lean over more and more untill you scrape the pegs. Do it in an open area so if you panic and stand it up you dont run tangentially into a wall.
    Now do it on the other side. You'll find your much more comfortable on one, but it helps you to find your limits.
    Keep the balls of your toes up on the footpegs or else you will scrape your toes before your pegs touch down.

    Dont worry, given smooth tarmac and low speeds, your not going to slide out before you scrape pegs on a vtr....just dont WHACK it down because if you land *hard* on the pegs you'll be sliding on them....just gradually lean morreee and moreeeee hehe.

    At higher speeds however you really want to lean off the bike to help it out, and keep in mind that if you happen to hit a bump while leaned over the suspension is no longer compressing vertical. You *will* lose traction if your leaned over hard and hit a largish bump, so don't do it on public roads.

    If found personally that bending my elbow as I turned in helped me get down and forward, and helped the vtr tip in. From a car point of view, if you dont do this it feels extremely "understeery".

    Also, the helmet holder is on the left side of the bike, its a little hook just above where the lock is on the other side, below the "Frame" itself sitting in a litle triangle like area. You can easily hook your helmets d-ring over it if you dont have the safety chain.
  7. Ah, that's what the peg feelers are for. They are there to tell you how much you have the bike lent over. U should have more than enough tire before you run out. But it also depends on what tires you are running and how much heat you have in the tires because some aren't at sticky and will just let go at lesser lean angles than others.

    Darkhouse it doesn't matter if the tires are skinny or not. Look at 125GP ones or metrakit80 ones. THey are definately skinner than a vtr250, but those kids can get them over.

    OP is asking whether you can run off the edge of the tire by leaning. Yes you can, but thats why those peg feelers are there to tell you how much you have leaned.
  8. I have a 2006 VTR250 as well. The hook is just above the lock that releases the seat. D-ring on your chin strap should hook onto it then pop the seat back on.

    I've left it on my bike quite a few times depending on where I've parked. A few threads on here about people cutting straps for the helmet or vandalising it somehow (eg pi$$ing into it) so be careful.
  9. As a new rider if you come adrift it won't be due to lean angle. It can go a lot further than you think.
    Best way to find out is to do a riding course (on someone else's bike)
  10. :shock: are you kidding! i've been riding for nearly 12 months and i'm only *just* starting to get the hang of this full lock business without putting my foot down. And I ride a chunky bike (for a person of my size + being a female) and it's pretty heavy to steer.
  11. Hi George.

    Welcome to NR.

    And yes the cotter road is a lot of fun. I'm out there a fair bit so I'll keep an eye out for you.

  12. Great advice! Thanks Liquidity. I'll definitely do the carpark thing. I just gotta find one big enough (can't think of one big enough in canberra atm). I'm sure there's one.

    Great advice. It's making sense now. Thanks tunelliner!

    I've found it. Great help, thanks!

    Maybe you mis-read me but I also can't do a full handle-bar-lock turn yet :) It really feels quite sketchy. However the more I practice the less sketch it's getting

    Thanks mate!