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New upgrade from the hyosung

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by chicken78, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. After a year of riding and near on 22,000klm, numerous track days and general torture of the little red hyo that refuses to die, I have 3 months left and upgraded to the new ride, very impressed, 2007 GSXR750.(confined to track days for the remainder of restricted period)


  2. Gixxer :)

    Is this the actual bike? I am familiar with some of Tangcla shots of cars.
  3. Yup this os THE bike, we took the shots tonight. I know its my bike, because I had to get the bike onto 5 layers of pallets.
  4. IMG_9104_web.


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  5. IMG_9106_web.


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  6. Nice one, very purdy. Always been a fan of the black GSXR's especially the 06-07 style exhaust.
  7. lovely bike lovely shots next time clean the tiers before hand i find the dirt a bit distracting
  8. very nice chicken!
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  9. Love it
  10. Oh, smee's gonna have a field day with this one [-X

    Lovely bike, chicken... congrats.
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  11. Very nice. Love the photos.

  12. Lovely bike. Congratulations!
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  13. Very nice and congrats! (y)

    Geez, you forgot to clean/paint the pallets..... :p
  14. WOW! Nice bike. & awesome photos as well. Congrats. (y)
  15. lol I know, was hard enough keeping the tyres semi clean.
  16. Congrats!! Bewdiful bike mate (y)

    Love the Gixxers :biker:
  17. Nice one Chicken, enjoy your new ride and awesome job with the photos :)
  18. Why is it on the pallets, ???????
  19. nice choice Chicken, congrats :)
    track days on it would have a nice smile on your dial :)
    well done.