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New undercover fleet for police

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Bigchief, Jan 14, 2008.

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  2. Isn't it illegal to sport L or P plates when you're not on a learner or provisional licence?
  3. Not when parked by the side of teh road it isn't.
    But yes if they were to drive with the Plate flying it would be illegal.
  4. This is absolutely disgusting. What a gross misuse of taxpayers money. Instead of concentrating on serious crime they are wasting time and money on this bullshit. fcuking idiots. Really.
  5. Interestingly the article refers to young drivers who, well, hoon as "hoodlums".

    "They are a new strategy to get cars that blend in with the hoodlums."

    hood·lum (hdlm, hd-)
    1. A gangster; a thug.
    2. A tough, often aggressive or violent youth.

    So, young kids teararsing about the place, like most of us, including these authority figures who enact and enforce hoon laws would have done, are now categorised as gangsters, thugs, aggressive and violent.

    So, the next time any of you guys pop a mono, remember, you'll be regarded as a violent thug.
  6. Same as what i thought... :?

    But once again, poolice are above the law :p
  7. There's nothing new about this. Back in around 1970 or so they had an unmarked lime green XU-1 Torana that got around Bateman's Bay and some of the other beaches. The giveaway was that the surfboards were bolted to the roof racks. :LOL:
  8. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    That's too funny! :LOL:
  9. isn't that the idea :?:

    I thought we were trying to get people to stop speeding not getting them to speed then stop them fine them and all the rest

    it is a bit like the Lotus Elise Bankstown police have it doesn't (in my opinion) serve a real purpose, other than hooning up Henry Lawson Drive :p (i would if i was in the same situation)

    my 2c
  10. The cops are always above the law ... many times have I seen cop cars parked in no standing zones, or in disabled spots.
    As an old ad once said ... it's not if you get caught ... it's when!
  11. It's not illegal to call an undercover cop in a hotted up WRX a "stupid f*&%ing faggot with a tiny c0ck who can't even drive his rich daddy's car" before they've identified themselves as a police officer, right?
  12. QFT. It just shows that all they're interested in is fines.

    The Exige is to create a dialogue between the police and the people they're after i.e people see the fancy car and stop for a chat.

    Plus, it'd be ridiculously awesome for non-highway pursuits.
  13. V8 Typhoons?
    with so much crap plugged into it it stalls whenever they do a u-turn?

    bring it!
  14. I loved the reports of that happening in NSW - LPG patrol cars stalling turning sharp corners or at speed... or for no reason at all.
  15. So does this mean all you NSWelshmen are supposed to wave your limp pinky at the cops in their 'hoon' cars? That would be a funny thing to get arrested for.
  16. wow, so next time there's a robbery, you expect them to find a parking spot, fork over $2 for the ticket machine and THEN try and stop it?

    lately there's been alot of discussion about the police "being above the law". Most of the time there is a legitimate reason why the police will act accordingly.
  17. I like how the other thread was a massive complaint by someone from NSW about how we don't signpost our speed cameras and then we get this from NSW :LOL: :rofl:
  18. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    You are a VERY bad man :cool:
  19. So if they have a P plate, which is ok while stationery but they can't drive with it on, then they can't follow you.


  20. i'd love to get arrested for this.
    me and my lawyers would have a field day