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new tyres

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by zilly, Jan 1, 2009.

  1. When you get new tyres is it better to replace them one at a time (ie my back tyre is a lot more worn than the front)

    Or better to replace both at the same time?
  2. I change two rears to every front, dont worry about having different wear on the tyres, just be careful until you've worn off the original waxy coating and you'll be fine.

    Also make sure that you get the same profile and same softness(?).
  3. A lot of riders opt for a "stickier" front hoop than rear as the front tyre in normal riding wears slower (usually 2 rear to one front) and you get the benefit of greater front end confidence and grip.

    As long as the tyres are the right size for the bike and of the same general family it doesn't matter if they are not the same brand or pattern, but if you can have matched tyres, do it.

    I usually replace both fronts and rears together and way before they are "worn" out. Once the profile of the tyre is distorted too much (wear in the middle of the rear from straights and cupping of the fronts) handling and feel goes to shit. That is why a bike always feels great after putting on new hoops.
  4. There is nothing wrong in replacing either tyre on it's lonesome. But if you want to experience one of motorcyclings finest pleasures, replace them both at the same time and marvel at the graceful style you have suddenly aquired as you flick your bike from peg to peg through a set of corners.
  5. Roarin is right. I just replaced both tyres... OMFG!!!!!!

    Just want to add to Max's comment. Stickier tyres are a higher performance tyre and so could have a different profile /shape. A stickier front most likely will have a different profile to a longer lasting rear - this can have an impact on how your bike steers. Just something to keep in mind.

    On my bike, a pilot power front and pilot road rear slowed down my steering and the bike needed to be shown a firm hand to track desired lines.
  6. I replace them 'staggered' even though I get similar wear front/rear, but that decision is more an economic one than a technical one, spreads the cost.

    I'd agree about making sure your front tyre is your best tyre, though; a slippery rear will generate an 'oops' moment; a worn front will be more of a 'bang, bump, ouch' moment :LOL:.
  7. yeah currently my rear is a lot more worn than the front. I went in today to organise new tyres, but they have to order them in (dam nobody actually putting a lot of k's on a CBR125 :p)
  8. Pushbike tyres wear out quicker :LOL:.
  9. i replace on the lonesome :S

    but i opted for something of the same brand. Running on contisportattack on the front and a contiforce on the rear. Will soon change to a road attack in the rear :LOL:
  10. About two months ago Shelley replaced her badly worn Dunlop Sportmax with two brand spanking Pilot Road2's. She's only ridden the bike a few times since then but the grin on her face is 7 miles wide...., even now as she sleeps she's grinning about the difference it's made to her riding. :)
  11. *cries*

    it's true!!
    im lucky if i get 2000km out of my pushy tyres!!
  12. I got a SMS from a former NR last night saying he thought he had jumped on the wrong bike at the tyre shop, such was the difference with both tyres replaced at the same time.

    Economics dictate that I do it one at a time but there is still a huge improvement.

    If the profiles match one at a time is fine.
  13. nibor said:
    Stop whingeing. Think of how much you are saving in fines :LOL: