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New tyres

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Debsta, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, what can I expect for a new set of tyres, cbr250rr? Thx

  2. new can cost bout $120 front, $150 rear for your basic tyres... I usually go to the wreckers and get tyres with 80% tread for $120 set. Jut make sure your tyres match - brand and model... They dont have to, but your bike will handle alot better. The best thing to improve a CBR250rr is good tyres (michelin pilot are great) and good suspension setup.
  3. Im using dunlop arrowmax at the moment and they are great. Cost me $280 fitted for the pair.
  4. you dont need new tyres Debsta you have plenty of tread on those things
  5. it all depends on what tyre you get. u do alot of commuting or hill rides and track days? this will give us an idea what you should get.
  6. Thx guys! :)

    I only use it as a weekender and I just saw a slash on the back tyre the other day. It hasnt gone flat yet though... :?
  7. which arrowmax's GT301 or GT501.
  8. dont skimp on tyres,buy decent brand name.cheapest insurance keeping the bike up
  9. Opps it was about 250, just looked at the receipt. Its a GT401F on the front and a GT501 on the rear.

    which arrowmax's GT301 or GT501.[/quote]
  10. Thx guys, I'll go and check it out.