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New Tyres

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by hornet, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. Ok, so the Merimbula trip has seen off what remained of the tyres that were on the Hornet when I bought it in March. I need some advice.

    Present front is a Michelin Macadam, 130/70 ZR 16
    Present rear is an Avon Azaro II AV36, 180/55 ZR 17

    I am not a bezerko rider, so I don't need super sticky (no ride-days, etc)
    The bike is recreation, not transport
    If there is such a thing as sport/touring in a tyre, that's probably the best description of my needs (I think)
    I want the tyres to last (obviously) since I believe they actually dearer than car tyres, and I can't really justify spending heaps on them too many times a year.

    Advice welcome, also, probably, where to buy in terms of price/service in Sydney/Wollongong.

  2. Pilot Roads are good
  3. Having the same dilema as I do (damn 16' fronts) try a few different combos. You cant get most of the really good tyres eg. pilot powers, in a 16. My last set was dunlop 208 rear, 207rr front. I loved them. Im currently running bridgestone bt014's. Not terrifically impressed so far. All people like different things. Try different combos and youll eventually settle on one you like.

    Also, as you dont commute on your bike, id stay away from touring tyres. Get some sport rubber, just dont go the race compounds eg. get diablos, not corsas or super corsas....or pilot sport, not pilot race....or D208s, not 208rr's or 208gp's
  4. Pilot Powers, you''ll be most impressed.
  5. damn what a shocking mix, M33 and Avons stick like shyte, M33 & M55 another good combo or go the pilots if there made in those sizes.
  6. As i said, powers dont come in 16' front :)
  7. can't beat pirelli diablo's for sports touring
  8. Michelin's Australian site lists a 130/70 16 front for Pilot Sport, but not for Pilot Road or Pilot Power.
    That sounds a lot like what you require, but I should say I haven't actually used them . I have used PS Road (good rear, average front) and now using Powers - something halfway between should be fine.
  9. I was pretty happy with a set of pirelli dragon gts (sport-tourers). keep the pressure up and they will give you decent wear.
  10. Michellin Pilot Roads, cost me $410 for the set from Bob Jane (including netrider 10% off), and they're ace.
  11. Have them on the steed for a couple of weeks now and totally rapt with them :D .
  12. He doesnt need decent wear....the bike is a hobby, not necessity....thats why i reckon he should go something stickier than touring rubber :wink:
  13. Just dont be so stupid as to mix your brands/ profiles again :shock: .... Tyres are made to work together. :wink:
  14. Thanks for the advice, but they are the tyres that were on the bike when I bought it, someone else made the stupid move! I agree, though, since they both need replacing, they will be replaced with a matched set.
    There is a Michelin Pilot Sport size front and rear that suits. Couldn't find a Pirelli the right size for the front in most of their types, and there is a slightly later model of the Avon Azaro (AV 46) in both front and rear that suits too.