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New Tyres

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Quo Vadas, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I just bought a set of new tyres and they are getting fitted next Tuesday. A this is my first set of newies, can anyone suggest any tips on scrubbing them in. I have read different articles saying you don't need to scrub new tyres in as they are made different these days from yesteryear (something to do with the moulds they used to use/teflon in new wheels). Suggestions were also to scrub them in by quick, straight acceleration and braking and also riding on them cautiously for 100/200 klms etc until the tread was a bit buffed.

    I am planning on taking it easy on my new wheels regardless until I feel comfortable in their grip but I thought i'd just seek some comments from more learned riders.

    Moderators: If this is the wrong forum for this thread can you please move. Thanks. :)
  2. Do a search, there's plenty! ;)

    Depending on the tyres, 1-200klms of gentle riding should see you fine.

    You can see the slick stuff on the tyres wearing away, I think it's a combination of mold release agent & something that keeps the elements away from the rubber to stop it perishing before you buy it.
  3. No need to stress.. I got my new tyres and they were fine... just take it easy for the first 100kms... Watch out for oil patches...
  4. Not wanting to sound unsafe, or anything, but I ride my bike on new tyres from the fitting place to the top of Macquarie Pass (around 22kms, tops) and they're as scrubbed in as they need to be :LOL:. That said, always err on the side of more time/distance rather than less, anyway.
  5. I think it all comes down to common sense and knowledge from doing time in the seat. I think that my new tyres, Dunlop GPR10 Alphas will be much better gripping than the Arrowmaxes that I have been riding on...yuck.
    Thanks for the feedback..................most appreciated.
  6. Yes Hornet but I think you might have done it once or twice before though. :wink:
    Just take it easy for a while building up confidence, braking and lean angle. Take as long as you feel you need.
  7. as a suggestion if you want to get the "coating" off new tyres come with, scrub some acetone on as it rubs the stuff off.

    or just do what i do and take it slow for a bit leaning over gradually
  8. only last week I chucked on a new rear tire....my mechanic gave me the "take it easy for 200km's......doesn't hurt to be safe rather than sorry." speech.
  9. I do hornets way too, find a nice twisty road, for me the mac pass also and just have a nice run through it and it's usually all good. except with the tyre i got last thursday and it rained all weekend, then any time i thoight of going there :LOL: murphys law at work