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New tyres... then WTF?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by karl, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Hey team,
    Thought I would share my shoddy motorcycle shop story. I purchased 2 new tryes for the CBR600 3 weeks ago. It was all good and then a week ago I started having issues with my rear brake. It felt like the piston was jammed when you hit it at low speed and then when you were moving forward with some pace and hit the rear brake it would make a large clunk at the rear wheel, and then seem to work normally.

    I thought stuck piston so I took it appart this morning, cleaned everything, put back together, re-bled the fluid and was wheeling around the garage to try it out. when I noticed the whole caliper assembly had rotated backwards and was pulling the brake line tight. WTF.

    I soon discovered that there is a block on the inside of the swing arm that the caliper holding bracket is 'supposed' to sit over. BUT WAS NOT!. The whole assembly was free to rotate, so when you hit the rear brake rolling backwards it would rotate away from the block and when you hit it rolling forwards would swing around and whack the block (hence the clunk).

    Not happy Jan! :( Would they even care if I went to complain?


  2. Thats pretty hectic. Where did you get the tyres put on?
  3. WOW - just more incompetence, and so disappointing.

    Glad you found out in time Karl - from the topic heading I was holding my breath reading.....

    [EDIT] From my dealings with a few shops, they are always right, so just take your business elsewhere.
  4. You now have the fix, and if you wish you can publicise the culprits. Alex is right, too, take your business elsewhere......
  5. By all means, take your business elsewhere, but call the shop and let them know why. The only way they'll change their practices (ie: poor work) is by knowing that they're losing money out of it.
  6. I think there should be a hall of shame :grin: Even if you dont name the shop a location would sufice.But hey if there doing shit work everybody should know about it :grin:
  7. So it was like this on our ride on the Sat??
    I reckon it def worth letting em know. Stick it to em Karl :wink:
  8. Just another reason why I will continue to do all the mechanical work (except for engine guts) myself. If it falls apart while i'm riding I can only blame myself.

  9. How would anyone know if we dont know who ya talking about.
  10. I do all the work myself but I thought getting the tyres changed by the shop would be safe. Wrong. Its all good now, but getting the rear wheel off and on again without a centre stand was interresting. Thank you car Jack.

    This just confirms my opinion of mechanics. I knew my engineering degree would come in handy one day. And yes, I had a big ride with it like that last weekend but fortunately it was coming up hard on the block in the forwards direction and working OK.

    It was MAW in Castle Hill if anyone is interrested.

  11. Don't go taring all mechanics with the same brush :evil:

    I be going back and having a word with them, sounds like there work practice's need an overhaul.
  12. So if im reading this right…your bagging out a shop without even checking to see how they react by letting them know there was a problem? That’s a tad harsh as you never know...It may have been a rare stuff up (yes it is a bad one at that) and they may be as upset about the problem as you why not find out what they say over asking other people how they think this shop will react first.
  13. karl, i know its a bit far from home, but sydney city lane cove is a great place to go. im always very happy with their quality of work and their attention to detail. yes they do charge a bit more, but i reckon its completly worth it. id reccomend em to anyone.
  14. Thanks Dom,

    Syd City Lane Cove is about 5k's from home (North Ryde), its my local. They are a little bit 'gourmet', they quoted $480 for minor service (6000k). I am used to doing service myself and only got the quote out of interrest.

    I am definitely going to drop in at MAW and let them know what happened. I just thought that stuffing up my rear brake, when all I wanted was a new tyre, was dissapointing. It was dangerous, has now stretched my brake line and cost me a couple of hours to fix up.

    It is also informative for other netriders who may have a simmilar experience in the future.

  15. Unless the mechanics there have changed in the past couple of years, I wouldn't let them touch my bike. I made that mistake with my new GSXR1000. Incompetence, and when you bring it to their attention, they lie.
  16. Hey Karl, it's lucky you discovered this problem before a high speed lock up :shock:

    Never go back there, but give 'em a gobful over the phone and tell 'em you are posting it up!!!

    I will be going to Sydney City Motorcyles at Lane Cove for my 1000k service, and I am sure they can't stuff that up, but after that I will be enquiring whether Motorcycle Weaponary at Mona Vale (heaps closer to home) will do the warranty services..............really top guys who are obviously enthusiastic about bikes and care!!

    We really should start a hall of shame thread for poor service ( I have a few) and maybe even a hall of fame for great service as well.

    We can tell 'em they are there and let 'em panic over word of mouth. The only trouble would be slanderous and libelous comments that could attract a suit!! :(
  17. damn!

    i hear nothing but praise for them. admittedly i've only ever dealt with their sales department.

    cheers for the heads up.
  18. The E-X-A-C-T same thing happened to my flatmate's CBR600 F4i!!! Unfortunately in his case the rear brake line stretched so much it broke and had to be replaced... Who the f*** are they hiring as mechanics these days??
    What scares me the most is that I'm 100% newbie when it comes to bikes mechanics therefore very prone to be "taken for ride"...
  19. Ed,
    I am pretty sure my rear brake line is shagged from the stretch it got, but not leaking thank god. The hose seems to have streched out of the end fittings (you can see a line where it used to be) and now the rear brake is 'spongier' than it used to be. Probably the stretch has permanently deformed the line so it swells easier.

    Time for a braided line replacement I suppose.

    Ed, ask here if you are worried about what your mechanic is telling you. See ya round.

  20. Haven't used MAW's workshop. I like their sales guys and showroom though i'll have to say.

    I've been burned by mechanics so many times, always seem to pick the wrong ones. I'm always sceptical about so called "professionals" these days. I just can't trust them anymore.

    1. My old RX7, was paying to get work done which wasn't being done, or 'forgotten'. A job that was going to take 2 weeks, took 6 months. (As in no work was being done) and so on.

    In the end, I had to move, and he offered to buy the car from me. So I though fcuk IT, i need the cash and don't have time to stuff around.
    So after a few months of trying to get money out of him I finally got a cheque for the amount of the vehicle.

    Tried to bank the cheque, and it had been stopped (oops, my wife stopped the wrong cheque). Yay... another month or more to get another cheque. Had to threaten legal action before anything was done.

    2. My pajero, Left with mechanic to do some EFI tuning for me. Came back to pick it up and, it was being used as a tractor to tow other vehicles around the yard. (With my snatch strap). Also noticed that someone had damaged my reverse light, and the mechanic had been using it to pick up parts from a wrecker or someting. (Came back with no fuel either)

    (When I dropped off the vehicle, I stuck around a couple of hours to fix his computer for him too!)

    3. Girlfriends laser, Went to mechanic for an engine rebuild and came back consuming heaps of oil and not running very well. After a couple of weeks of "it just needs time to bed in", we were told that the oil control rings needed to be replaced. (Like it had been noticed in the rebuild process).

    Also discovered that the accelerator cable had melted to the exhaust manifold because it had been incorrectly routed. After cutting the shits, everything was blamed on the apprentice. (What a fcuking coward asshole). $3000 and two engine rebuilds later (didn't charge for the second). Job was still bodgy and engine never running right.

    Mechanic also managed to destroy some of the interior, and we found out he had been driving it too and from work everyday too.

    Rant, rant, rant... Oh yeah what was my point. Oh yeah, find a good workshop, build a relationship with them and they might just do the right thing by you, and you can do the right thing by them. (Hard to find these days it would seem)